Run 1119

Sunday 21 October 2012

The Engineers Arms, Henlow

Hares: Private Parts & Boris


Boris does her famous "Lady Sybil has a birthday" impersonation

Bouncer is named

Lush hosts Singa-Longa-Forking

A motley collection of Hashers gathered round the remnants of the Henlow Beer Festival - which had been drunk practically dry by several hashers over the previous few days (which may account for the hares confusion at seeing each other in the circle: did they actually lay the trail together??).
A birthday for Boris and anniversary for Knobber (jointly with Captain Fantaaastic who appeared to have abandoned his dearly beloved). Zebedee's son Amun made a welcome return, as did Ridicularse lured out of the metropolis by the threat of beer no doubt.
The on-out went in a southerly direction and then up towards the cricket field, where the overnight rain having washed some markings and the judicious use of a bar confused the hashers who wandered around for a while until Forking Dickchair led them up a sort of garden path (work with me here) and into the new housing estate. Down to a held check they ran where all were instructed to cross the busy A507 together - but there was much disobedience with renegades leaping out in front of little old ladies driving red fiestas to take snapz of the rest of the pack crossing: the offenders know who they are.
Leading them away from Henlow into open country the FRBs were kept under control by some large number checks which even caught out Submissive and Oscar (wearing his mud-repellent coat). The usual protagonists were given a fair bit of running with Depth Charge, Zebedee, Count Roadkill and others seen frequently running in the opposite direction to rejoin the knitting circle at the back.
Up to Arlesey Station slip road and a held check where Boris paid no attention whatsoever while the pack (and co-hare) waited for the on-on (why were you waiting for me? You never normally do!). The pack went towards the station and Henlow lakes but there was no fishing to be had today! Hashers was strung out across the fields with the On Inn and remaining beer firmly in sight.
The HMs arrived with impeccable timing, along with Karmen, just as cake was distributed and circle-up was called. The circle were dismayed (no, hang on... overjoyed) at the news that this would be Rapids last service ministering as RA and with that in mind he brought back Forking Dickchair to take his obligatory "one RA drinks all RAs drink!" down-down to thank him for his assistance (if you can call it that) over the last year, before he got sacked anyway.
The pub managed to scrape together enough beer from what was left in the barrels to ensure down-downs for hares Private Parts and Boris, followed by another for Boris's birthday and Knobber accepted on behalf of himself and his missing partner (in crime) Capt F (they must have been in the testing phase of civil partnerships back then). A 200 run award for departing RA Rapid and a naming for Amun, now Bouncer.
Count Roadkill took Lost Cause's usual place for arguing with Submissive on the run (and was rewarded justly) and after announcements for the AGM next week it was ...

On On to Coleman Green

Knitting circle on shiggy avoidance

200 Run Award for soon-to-be-ex-RA Rapid

Only at The Engineers do you enjoy down-downs that much

THIS IS WHERE THE COUNT WENT...... although he did take a long cut, the pretty way