Run 1116

Saturday 29 September 2012

Bash from Bulls Green

Hares: Capt F, Tarzan & Spotted Dick


Shagpile sets off after Underlay

One lunch never enough for G-String

The winners display their spoils


Before 2011/12 few have held three H5 trophies in one Hash Year. Just one day before the year-end two Harriettes achieved just that; Double Entry added Head Basher to the POSH Award and Quiz Champ, and teammate Submissive became a Bash Winner as well as Smart Arse and Orienteering Gold Medalist.

What a fine example they are to all true HFivers, eschewing alcohol and with feminine virtues and a competitive edge to the fore [the GM may like to edit that bit....].

Fine weather, an early start, a low turn out and a long course characterised the 2012 Bicycle Treasure Hunt, brilliantly set, with guile and an eye to outstanding countryside and the odd steep climb, by Capt F, Tarzan and Spotted Dick.

An excellent buffet luncheon at The Woodman, Chapmore End was appreciated by all, even the winning team (despite setting off first, far too preoccupied with collecting clues and hub-caps to turn up on time and enjoy a couple of beers with the rest of us).

A comfortable and well deserved win for Misses Entry & Missive (team name to follow) over runners up Large Private Parts & Big Sweaty Count and another super 2012 Hash Day.

Want to add anything Capt?


Hash Flash was thrilled to see DE gripping some Muscle Rub

The delightful Chapmore End ...

.. where The Woodman fed us well

Runners up put on a brave face