Run 1114

Sunday 16 September 2012

The Sun Inn, Markyate

Hare: Bangers 'n' Madge


Hash dismayed by No Hashers sign

Count alone again, naturally

50 Run Tankard for Skippy

Whilst we await Bangers longhand written words to be delivered by carrier pigeon here are some pearls out of Forking's collection:

Captain Pugwash/Fantaaastic was early in the car park, having seen the 'Exotic Dancers' sign outside the village. Sadly that only applied to the pub at Junction 9. It reminds me of my travels in the outback, where in the bush miles from anywhere in a proper sawdust on the floor pub, to attract custom it was routine for the barmaid to strip and drape herself over the pool table. With a much more interesting game of pool underway it wasn't unusual to hear "Gets yer clothes back on" from the drinkers.

At least Subby wasn't missing any action as after forgetting the postcode for the pub, the sat nav cradle falling off and dancing in her lap and an estimated eta of quarter past off she still made it to the right pub, heaven forbid if she was through the exotic dancer pub door... [leave that thought with me a while .... scribe]

Lady Pee had a blonde moment and parked in the back yard of the house next door to the pub. Bangers had a senior moment and wore his away day shirt back to front.

Off up the hill the hash went but with village dogs leaving deposits as big as dinosaur droppings the H check was renamed the 'Heeeeeuuurgh check'. With fields as far as the eye could see Karate Kid Skippy found some blackberries in the hedgerow that she shared with her friend Sophia Lauren as Leroy crooned "goodbye blackberry way".

Beside wild berries there were wild horses, which couldn't hold back Shufflecock or Private Parts so number checks kept them in order. At the end Frau escaped the kids, dumping them on Thongo and Nik Nak at the rear as they took the enchanted path through the woodland.

The Sun Inn was a pleasant pub serving QED beer, which was Quite Easily Drinkable. The circle up was around the elephant, with a notable 50 run award mug accepted by Skippy on the ride down the slide on the pachyderms back.

If you haven't already backed Captain F for his 500-mile bike ride through France, make sure you put your name on his sponsor form and at the same time cross my name out, thanks.

On On to next weeks run at the Golden Peasant with Depth Charge in charge.



PP takes Beechers Brook

Bangers goes all regal on us

Capt F reunited with tankard & other sundry down-downs courtesy Forking