Run 1112

(1111 postponed until 11 November)

Sunday 2 September 2012

The Fox & Duck, Therfield

Hare: Underlay


"Hasher Down" ... and it's Ringer

Lush finds a falsie and ....

.... DE stand-ins Lost Cause & Ringer find something to smile about

Zebedee accuses Lush .....

When Shagpile asked if I would help lay and hare for the first Sunday run I was happy to. What he didn't tell me until the last moment was that he wouldn't be helping me hare it as he would be involved with a mobile amateur radio competition somewhere in a field behind the pub. Thanks Shagpile! [over and out .. ed]

Expecting the usual group of fleet hashers, I prepared a map of the trail for the knitting circle and gave it to Pongo to look after so that I stood a chance of looking after the front of the pack. By 11am I felt slight relief as the Three Peaks Challenge [for more on this see below .. ed] had taken its toll and the pack was reduced to mostly walkers.

The on-out headed straight for the Church opposite the pub and Zebadee was first to find the check and the first false trail. Ringer led the pack the correct way along the field only to be caught by a bar. The next FRB to lead the pack was Lush who unknowing headed for a field with her favourite animal - cows. Fortunately the Cow Whisperer was to hand in the form of Count Roadkill who moved them off the trail with a few polite words.

At the next check, a ladies check, Frau checked it out but had been to Subby's school and found the false trails. Zebedee, having overtaken Lush, headed the right way only to have second thoughts and waited for the pack on a bench. At the held check the pack waited for Lady P to appear through the woods. She had been delayed by a prick in her shoe. Again Lush was acting FRB and led the pack back onto Chain Walk. A few number checks later and the pack headed up a track to the local mud bath. Shufflecock did the gentlemanly thing and gave Frau a piggy back whilst Skippy happily ran through the mud and puddles. Subby, worried that Oscar might get a bit too muddy, encouraged Lost Cause to carry him to safety.

One the home stretch, the pack headed through Kelshall on the road back towards Therfield. Count Roadkill, Shufflecock, Frau and Zebedee decided that since it was past noon that they would ignore the number check and so continued on a loop around a field. The hare, feeling sorry for the rest of the pack who were further back, quickly changed the route removing the loop so that it was straight back to the pub via the Church for them.

Back in the circle, the Hash Master decreed an open dobbing circle in the absence of an RA. Everyone ended up with a down-down at some point and I was awarded my 500 run award (a photo album containing some great photos through my time hashing)[for more on this see below .. ed].

ON ON to the Sir John Barleycorn, Hitchin


Here's the excellent trail

Congratulations Underlay, on joining a select band of only seven (now eight) other Hashers and Harriettes who have 500 runs with H5.

To see the full list of awardees, go to the appropriately named Awards page.

Skippy enjoys some fine shiggy, while others avoid it and ....

..... Frau gets a lift

Double Entry tries Loo Seat Hoopla

... and Lush accuses Zebedee

Lady P, Subby and The Prospect of Ingleborough

The sight that caused FC to climax - 60009 Union of South Africa

Kisses Anytime did the organising, and Fat Controller, Lady P, The Count and Submissive took the challenge. Three summits (or s'mats as they say in those parts) spread over 24 miles in 12 hours. Pen-y-ghent (2277 ft), Whernside (2415 ft) and Ingleborough (2372 ft). Job done by all, despite the only view from the tops being the inside of a cloud. And it was tough and I'll tell you how tough: FC was so knackered that evening he turned down a pint.
And lots of money raised for DEBRA ... It's still not too late to donate - SPONSOR THE COUNT @ JUST GIVING


The Count & Lady P atop Ingleborough