Run 1110

Monday 27 August 2012

The Cricketers, Weston

Hares: Lady P & The Count


Skippy & Knotch take it easy ...

... not so easy for Shuffle & Depth Charge

MFS&O didn't believe the arrow

As I seem to remember Rapid saying, quoting John "Hannibal" Smith, "I love it when a plan comes together."
Best of all I love it when a few old friends, hashers we haven't seen for a while, turn up for a run. Like The Peckers. And BOF. Foghorn & Ward 10. Mekon & Fizzy. First run of the Summer for them.
And I like it when the weather forecast is beaten and the rain fails to dampen the trail and the spirits of a hash treated to a classic Hertfordshire village set in lovely countryside.
It's good when the pub do their bit with a lively atmosphere on a Bank Holiday, a couple of decent beers and a good supply of roast potatoes, and walls lined with photographs of handsome young cricketers from years gone-by.

Off to Weston Park we went, past the remnants of a wedding party in the field opposite the cricket meadow at Damask Green and towards Park Wood. But eschewing the conventional route towards Halls Green, a 135 degree left turn saw us head back (you can see the full route here). This move drew admiring mutterings from Ringer and other hashers in awe at its brilliance but was controversial in the eyes of latecomers Mekon, Fizzy, Submissive and Oscar, obliged to follow at a more than respectful distance. Despite the presence of an arrow pointing (much as Jack O' Legs' once did) towards Weston Churchyard, they failed to find the trail and sloped off back to the pub.
Meanwhile the hash, after continuing to please the hares by running false trails and fish-hooks, passed the church and ran NE away from the village before turning left to find the On Inn on Maiden Street.

A couple of points disappointed your correspondent: three strapping young hashers, let's guess they were Rapid, Shuffle & Depth Charge, ran past a Ladies' Check hand-crafted in traditional manner.

Hare Shirts for 5 lays in a year for Rapid (held over from 1109) and Lady P (first Harriette to receive the turquoise shirt). And down-downs for a host of hashers for a multitude of reasons. Certainly Thongo, Stallion,
MFS&O, Underlay, Pecker and Knobber all incurred the RA's wrath. There was a drink for birthday boy Twiglet.

Good to see Custard and Spotted Dick, not running but looking well enough after a serious road accident and appreciating the get-well cupcakes etc. sent to them by Double and Subby on behalf of H5. Get even weller soon you two, we'll see you orienteering on 8 September.

And to round off, Lady P muffins. All donations go to H5 Charities nominated by the blessed cake-makers.


Birthday for Twiglet

Good to see the Peckers back

Beer & roasties: what could be better?