Run 1108

Monday 13 August 2012

The French Horn, Steppingley

Hares: Nik-Nak & Forking


GM welcomes Newbees

Lost Cause, back from his hols and raring to go

The RA's Babes .... dream on Capt

Steppingley is a beautiful village, but for hares and co-hares it is a battlefield. Nik-Nak was innocently placing a bit of flour on the road when she was confronted by a housewife stepping out from her front door wearing oven gloves. "You're not from the council are you?" began the pummelling, followed with "There's no gas in the village, no-one tells us what's happening here". Nik-Nak pleaded her case well, as Forking came back from laying a falsie down the hill.
One day later, and Lost Cause on his first hash for a while also fell victim to Mrs Oven Gloves for a parking misdemeanour. Meanwhile back at the pub car park at circle up new faces Dead Animal and Foxy Lady make themselves known as Montreal Hashers in search of a proper hash to drink with.
The run set off to face Mrs Oven Gloves, but on twitching her curtains the sight of twenty hashers advancing was more than she could face. Captain Fantaaaastic was leading the charge, only to find the false trail. At the first number check Dead Animal had to retreat uphill, but said in hindsight that he should have pleaded ignorant of the H5 markings. Ringer set off cutting a path through the jungle, and on turning round was met with a sight familiar to Kisses Anytime – Fat Controller's big posterior blocking his way.
The lady check was a 50/50 choice between Foxy Lady and Submissive. Down the track a smudged number 5 check next was read as a 'S' for Subby check, so she set off with Oscar and 4 lucky runners had an escape. On the way we passed Beckering's Farm where Limp was actually born [I know, we were all shocked ... ed]: it's a small world. There was a choice of 'H' for hard hashers over a ploughed field, or 'SC' for soft centres. Pussies Galore, hard as nails took on the challenge, but found bending underneath the gate the hardest part.
Edwina 123 summoned the circle up with his inimitable manly bellowing. Twizer made a late appearance and Ringer celebrated his anniversary together with Depth Charge. There were other down downs for faffing and muck spreading. Ordering at the bar was made easier for those that liked the 'Gold' beer, a Mobot pose quickly became understood by the bar staff. Thereafter the French Horn became an acapella singing session with Fat Controller and Count Roadkill on vocals with Capt. F harmonising in the background to "Yawre bayby as gawn dahn the plug'ole".
On on to Stockgrove Park with MKH3 at a 19:00 start.

Forkin' and Nik Nak

Fat Controller wins 4d from The Count. Cream did a version of Yawre Bayby has Gawn Dahn the Plug'ole (Mother's Lament) on Disraeli Gears (1967 I think, about the time your correspondent saw them at The Hermitage, Hitchin). As an aside it would be worth 6 minutes of your life to hear this and think "if they were this good in 2005 just imagine what they were like back in '67".

Here's THE H1108 TRAIL as run by CRk

Knitting circle traverse the arid wastelands of Steppingley

Anniversary for The Odd Couple

FC's feet were made for dancing