Run 1107

Monday 6 August 2012

The Plough, Langford

Hares: Private Parts & Scooobie Doo


Returnees and little sister

The Hash goes Railway Children

The Birthday Gang

I've laid a few runs around Langford over the last 2 years, so I thought we should aim for some territory that we've not run for a long time (if ever). Armed only with flour and Triple Screw we set out on Sunday evening - only to find out that the nice path to bring us back to the plough was so overgrown with nettles that it was practically unpassable. The only option left was to bring us in along the road.
This made the trail somewhat shorter than planned - so Scooby and I laid an extra-long falsie on Monday, giving the bog-monster the opportunity to annoy the local fishermen.

The circle was called, slightly delayed for the parking of a golden Range Rover containing Skidmark, Sister and niece. Shufflecock, CRK and Depth Charge led the pack towards the Mill Pond for an Olympics check. If jelly-baby eating was an Olympic sport, we'd have won another Gold, such was the speed with which we eliminated the two packets of them! The run itself ignored the rule of not passing the pub - as Pongo noted - but there are no rules, so what the heck. The trail headed east out of Langford to a held check by the railway. Underlay was eager to cross - such is the risk of meeting the Fat Controller - and she, Shagpile and Frau KR were among those who fell foul of the number checks.

Returning again to the pub Hash Mum joined us and there was much drinking of beer and the time-honoured ceremony of the circle. Hares and birthdays got awarded, Scooby Doo received the contents of several glasses of lemonade (in airborne form) and the secret RA (Ringer) did Rapid's bidding. Double Entry handed out photos from the wakeboarding afternoon, taken by Rapid. Good Job RA - but were you, perchance more successful than hash flash in obtaining those candid snaps of DE?



Heading to the railway line in fear of meeting FC

Bog Monster lays a false trail ...

... and emerges from the deep with crabs

Skidmark tries the Hashit under a red light