Run 1106

Monday 30 July 2012

The Swan, Cranfield

Hare: Limp


Capt F starts a long false trail

The enigmatic Skippy

150 Run Award for Shuffle Cock

Was this run number 1111? Or was it 11th of November? We only had 11 hashers for this Olympic run.

Should I have set this this run?, after being taken into hospital last Tuesday for yet another left knee operation, sorry, this was number five, I hope it does not make it to 11.

We met at the Swan in Cranfield from 19.00 hours giving time to find the bar and toilets. This is a first for this pub to hold a hash, if anyone is looking to buy a pub, the Carpenters Arms across the road is for sale.

The trail started off through the church yard, as your RA needed guidance then to the graveyard, most followed a long trail only to find a bar across the path, they came back and looked for the correct trail. The trail came to another check, all except Skippy followed the wrong trail, Skippy kept shouting ON BACK, but no one believed her, when they did the trail took them all through the woods, so if you go down to the woods today you would find a trail, said the three bears, at the next check Captain F called ON ON, again the pack run away from him.

The next check had number ONE written in the circle, lucky for Captain F that the Count got there first as the pack was well spread out.

The trail then had another wrong trail that several decided was right, they were wrong , but had a good view of the lake, with the pack now spread out again we headed off across 'The Tops' I gave Rapid the nod, don't be the first to run here, he asked why, I just smiled.

As the pack headed across 'The Tops' I heard the scream , Yes they had found the Shiggy, about 10 yards of very wet and smelly water, why I thought did they not jump the fence and walk on the dry mud.

After all the screams from Skippy, keep to the left, they all kept to the right and got very messy, including PP who decided the middle path was the best.

Back to the pub for the decision on the gymnastics, was it Silver or Bronze medal?

With only eleven hashers most had a Down Down.

On On


(Apologies from Lady Chatterley for not being with us, she was at the Olympics. Ringer had also said he would not be with us, he didn't want to get muddy)

Here's THE TRAIL as traversed by THE COUNT

Forking casts a long shadow

DE and how much she knows about cooking

Lady P, not keen to reveal her sources