Run 1104

Monday 16 July 2012

The Engine & Tender, Ampthill

Hare: Capt. Fantaastic


We saw leafy Ampthill Park...

...picturesque Ampthill Park...

...and grassy Ampthill Park

It would seem that this week's Hare is suffering from a bad attack of CBA; I'm sure we all wish him a speedy recovery. So it falls to your hard-pressed Deputy Scribe to keyboard the Wurdz that follow - if they'd been handwritten you see, they'd have been penned, but as they're typed, they've been keyboarded. Anyway, moving swiftly on...

The Engine & Tender was our venue, the same pub as the (in)famous Run Ten-Ten, courtesy of the same (in)famous Hare. Having what an estate agent would describe as 'distributed parking facilities', Hashers arrived from all possible directions and locations in Ampthill. Some were confused by the absence of Hashers outside the pub, 'cos we were all inside, clogging up our hosts' seating area. Nik-Nak, arriving fashionably late, and planning on her familiar last-minute handbrake stop before sashaying stylishly into the circle, forgot about the lack of parking facilities, so was 'caught short'.

The run was, as expected, essentially a tour of Ampthill Park, and why not? It offers a magnificent variety of wooded paths, open grassland, upward sandy slopes and splendiferous vistas over the Georgian town. There was some disobedience from some of the FRBs, who chose to completely ignore a set of three number checks along one of the wooded paths before coming out onto the road, forcing the Hare to call a Held check to allow the pack to regroup. Perhaps the Hare has taken umbrage [but as I understand it, only RAs take things] and as a consequence is not providing Wurdz.

Back at the E&T in timely fashion, some good beers were on offer and were properly sampled. Circling up in the beer garden, HM Shufflecock handed over almost immediately to RA Rapid Withdrawal, garbed in his robes of office. There were down-downs for: Hare Capt F, Private Parts (can't remember why), Boris (something about being up the crack of Dawn), Nik-Nak (wanting it harder and longer), Forking DC (always manages to wangle a beer), Scoobie (I think), Depth Charge (I know) and a farewell salute to Prof Umo, who unfortunately leaves the area and so H5. But I'm sure he'll find a way to pop back and see us in the future. Good luck Prof. Depth Charge followed on the work of Scoobie by adding to the weight of the Good Crack FRB award, given this week to Custard.

A busy Hash week before the next run: New Moon run on Thursday evening, Wakeboarding and meal after on Saturday and the Count's pensioners' walk/pub crawl on Sunday.

So to The Bell at Woburn on Monday with Fat Controller and Ringer, the latter making a third haring appearance in four weeks. Good for his Hareyness score though, which links nicely to - have you seen the new Hareyness scores for 2012 yet? If not, pop across there (link at the top of the Words page) and check yours.

Deputy Scribe.

Boris at the crack of Dawn...

...Nik Nak dreams of it being longer...

...farewell to Prof Umo...

...SD hands Custard weighty award