Run 1103

Monday 9 July 2012

The White Lion, Dunstable

Hares: Rapid W & Ringer


Newee Moaner from the Land Down Under

Diminished knitting circle this week

Pause for rest at the view stop

A new (to H5) pub opened up the possibility of new paths to be hashed and so naturally a newee, Moaner, was attracted to us from Bedford (found us on the website). Forking DC - arriving on his bike fresh from Edinburgh with a random piece of paper to prove he was there - in his inimitable style thought he detected "a slight twang" suggesting she might be a visitor from Down Under. Not much gets past you does it Forking? Anyway a warm H5 welcome to Moaner. The turnout was a shade disappointing given the attractions on offer - 2hrs dry weather, a fine trail, wide vistas, gloopy shiggy etc. Lady P "came alone" although Count Roadkill has "come" more times than she has apparently.

During the lay, hare Ringer regretted his choice of slick hash shoes as they had bugger-all grip on the shiggy inclines and twice he slithered back down again, grasping nettles for support. Curses!

Getting the pack off the main A5 road was a priority, so the fairly hidden path not 20m from the pub was the correct trail. This didn't stop the FRBs (Forking, Depth Charge, PP et al) from missing it and finding the first false trail of many. Late arriving was Scoobiedoo, following the pack, ignoring the pub car park and driving up the road trail in his Land Rover (other makes of 4-wheel drive vehicles are available). A longish section of road running with several checks and lots of false trails brought us under the disused railway line at Sewell, where we met a group of serious runners who had not encountered hashers before and seemed fascinated by us.

Lady P and Double Entry represented the Knitting Circle, checks, number checks, false trails, tees and bars aplenty were discovered and Zingalongamax's horn attracted more ducks than hashers, but we arrived eventually at an ace view stop for a photo opportunity. A short pan-handle On-Inn saw the FRBs back at the pub in just over the hour.

With the RA on haring duties and Capt F feeling a bit Tom and Dick, a secret RA was appointed - see if you can guess who it was from the pics.

At the bar, Red Squirrel's Hopfest, Hook Norton's Old Hooky and Tring Brewery's Side Pocket were on offer, all excellent ales, as well as a goodly supply of roast tatties, courtesy of our very friendly hosts.

Deca award for Prof Umo

RAs past, present and future?

Forkin' socks - pickled


  • The hares for (as they said themselves) a magnificent run.
  • Newee Moaner, who satisfactorily answered 'The Questions' posed to her by Lady P in the absence of Pussies.
  • Forking for general confusion (well I was confused).
  • Prof Umo for completing 10 runs (sadly next week will be his last run with us).
  • Rapid for leading LBK into a field.
  • Depth Charge (one RA drinks, all RAs drink; there's a hint here to the answer to that question above).
  • ScoobieDoo for washing the T-shirt and more besides. Beware FRBs: Scoobie has loaded the Good Crack FRB award ball with extra weight!!!

Forking was presented with his lost property socks, now pickled and Rapid W returned the (now cleaner) T-shirt to Double Entry (see last week's Words), who reluctantly accepted it but declined the 'skin'. The enhanced FRB award went to Depth Charge.

That's about it, so On-On to next week's run from The Engine & Tender at Ampthill.

Rapid & Ringer