Run 1102

Monday 2 July 2012

The Golden Lion, Clifton

Hares: Lush Big Knickers & Ringer


Birthday Boy Ringer saw his co-hare in a new light .....

.... and so did Custard

At last: 50 Run Tankard for Apres Tarzan

Given Lush's penchant for wearing orange to the hash, it was decided - perhaps on the principle of one RA drinks, all RAs drink - that both Hares should be adorned with the said colour. Add to that that it was co-hare Ringer's birthday run, and so the wearer of the Birthday Hat; the result was a visual delight - NOT! We apologise to the good people of Clifton for any offence caused [Thank you Hash Flash for omitting any pics].

So to the run itself. With a bit of cajoling, Lush BK had agreed to being a co-hare to increase her 'Hareyness' score. [How's yours doing - 2012 update coming soon]. Arriving at the pub at 5pm to lay the run, we found a fish-and-chip van in the car park. Excellent we thought, this'll suit Private Parts and others down to the ground, but sadly he (the van owner) said he would only be there until 6pm. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Two spies were noted in the vicinity as we set off to lay the trail - Boris you live nearby so we will let you off, but Shaggy what's your excuse, pub recce? A light drizzle accompanied us round as we laid the trail, but not enough to produce any decent shiggy, or indeed to meet Scoobie's needs, but being Scoobie he made do with what he could find.

Shufflecock asked if any money would be needed for a beer stop - the Engineer's must have been on his mind. Incidentally have you noticed its new colour? The landmark salmon pink exterior has been replaced by a decidedly sedate beige - Terry Wogan must have been round [Radio 2 listeners will understand why]. RA Rapid Withdrawal was a late arrival but he brought drier, brighter weather with him - thank you RA. Notice of the presence of horses and more particularly cows was given. Did everyone see how Lush strolled past the cows with nary a glance? This is the new Lush - both hare and bovine-tolerant. Well done, but feeling safe with the cows behind the fence only lasted 2 seconds as the frisky devils decided to charge at Boris any way (lucky the cow jumped over the moon - not the fence).

So we were On-Out (not to the right) and round into the fields heading towards Henlow. Would Shuffle's thought train be correct? No, we got as far as the church via Henlow Recreation Ground (with a detour for Submissive and Frau Krafty Rot as it is off-limits to dogs - £80 penalty) where Edwina123, with his new, ergonomic, streamlined haircut went down the slide at high speed - preceded by Scoobie, and Oscar too by the look of his shorts!

The Dirty Old Troll under The Bridge

Yes, Skippy, you are indeed, up a tree

Well done Nik-Nak: more than £1,100
raised for Keech in marathon effort

The zip wire had a couple of trials as well before we headed through the churchyard, across the freshly-mown Millennium Meadow and up towards Langford - for full details for where we went see Count Roadkill's GPS watch thingumybob TRAIL. A certain hasher - you know who you are, watered the plants as you might say (this is not a hotel, 'tis the countryside - no tissues provided, bless you for asking!)

Quite a few number checks were required to keep the pack together as the trail had a some long stretches, suiting the runners. Frau was excused one of these on the grounds of short-leggedness - the dachshund's not hers I hasten to add. An unsuspecting Lady P fell victim to Scoobie the swap monster's mud missiles.

A straightforward On-Inn brought the FRBs back to the pub on the dot of 8:29, spot on.

Down-downs - supervised from afar by Skippy up a tree (who put the RA to rights having caught him trying to STEAL (tut tut) her deca mug - good call !

  • Shaggy and Spotted Dick for yacking
  • apres Tarzan arrived to collect a 50 Runs refillable tankard (AKA 10 year achievement award)
  • Scoobie downed lager and pond water cocktail for over taking the RA in full flight
  • Frau and Shufflecock - new Hash rules (but there are no rules?)
  • Boris - you can't drop things home if you don't have the keys D'oh!
  • Nik Nak - Egghead? Can't remember why but something to do with rushing the hares. She also announced in the circle that her MK Marathon fund raising for Keech hospice, including H5's contributions, amounted to about £1,170. Well done that girl.

Awards - Double Entry rejected the gorgeous T-shirt hashit (earlier seen modelled by Danny) and promptly nominated it back to Rapid. The FRB award went to Scoobie ... it's a worry.

Next week we change colour from Golden to White at The White Lion, Dunstable, where your 'umble 'are will make a return appearance.

The only way is Orange. On-On.