Run 1101

Monday 25 June 2012

The Cambridgeshire Hunter,

Hares: Karmen Suits Ja & Atomic Titten


It's well known Shaggy will ride anything

Before PP sat on the see-saw it was straight

Capt F has his own comment on DE's camera shyness

The Pub was not the nicest ever (not even loo paper but us girls aren't scared, we are prepared !)

Off we went at 7:30 on this lovely sunny Monday evening. The rain and the rabbits have removed some marks; good excuse anyway. However, we were not in the wilderness, so nobody could have got lost. Seems the runners had fun; not that Atomic Titten or Karmen Suit Ja were ever there in time to see the action. Not very German though, aren't we the ones who normally put down the towels first???

PP used the see-saw without parental guidance; we must keep an eye on him, because it was straight before he got on it.

And what about Depth Charge's new T-Shirt? It looked perfect once Scooby had washed it. Seems Scooby has no bath-tub at home. As soon as he spots water or even "Muddy Water", he goes for a wash. Perhaps we should bring soap and a flannel; not to be confused with a funnel which Atomic used to squeeze the flower into her bottle, so she thought, but she actually used a funnel.

Shaggy, of course, could not resist to mount the bike. We always wondered how he got his name ...

Edwina introduced a Newbee, Jonathon and what did he do? Being from Eynesbury, he took a shortcut and even took Gorjoyce with him (??????). And Edwina, thinking his friend and Gorjoyce are way behind, stopped at the bottom of the lane to wait for them. But like with the Hare and Tortoise, they ware already home and dry.

We understand that Lush got a "good vibration" because some of the guys made the bridge move, not the earth perhaps, but was it good or what? We must ask Lush.

A.T. and K.S.J. forgot to remember that the Wurdz have to be done; therefore "All Quiet on the ... German Front" now, that's all we can think of.

On On to Dunstable [but via Clifton first: Deputy Ed]



The hash admires Depth Charge's bra ..

.. and shirt washed by Scooby

Lush, The Count and Edwina must have been very naughty

....... and there was PLENTY of water in The Great Ouse for Scooby