Run 1099

Monday 11 June 2012

The Five Bells, Cople

Hares: Depth Charge


Lush displays latest in run attire ...

... Shaggy is on a different catwalk altogether

DE too quick for Hash Flash yet again

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink, so we had a pint of IPA Gold or two instead.
The Hash hasn't visited the Five Bells at Cople for a while, in fact looking at the list of previous runs it seems as if we haven't visited here since at least 2004 if not earlier. The pub is usually quiet on a Monday, so they were happy to have us run from there, and in light of the weather rather surprised that we had turned up. They also provided a few towels for us as well, which was nice.
 "Every time you Hare, it's either raining or freezing cold" stated a damp looking Double Entry and she's pretty much right. It was wet enough for me to witness my first ever occurrence of wellies on a Hash, modelled by the aforementioned DE and a rather flowery pair by Lush BK!
It was a little chilly this evening, but I'm sure that Shagpile, Subby & Oscar, Capt F, The Count, Edwina, Shaggy and Knobber were kept warm with the number checks that I put down just to ensure that they were kept still for too long. PP on the other hand obviously had rain in his eyes as he ran past a number of numbers.
Profumo was obviously extremely warm as he took up the role of trying to find every single puddle there was, even those off down all the false trails.
With all this mad running around going on, it was down to Twiczer, Gorjoyce, Thongo and Underlay to bring some knitting decorum to the Hash.
We finished pretty much bang on an hour, and a little damp in socks but not in spirits.
Down Downs for the Hare, PP for poor eyesight, DE and LBK for Wellies, Shaggy and The Count for perving on the Hash at some unknown, though rather pretty runner, and possibly a few other down downs too, including Schevchenko for scoring a brace during the circle! [not lush & de it was indoors he was on the telly .... ed]
On On to 1100, at the March Hare in Dunton
Depth Charge.

The route: 1099 route

Profumo finds this trail a dead end

Underlay takes a hit for Shagpile

The GM can't believe it's not beer


Saturday saw the second of this year's Spring Walks, led this time by Ringer. A sharp shower greeted my arrival at the Castle pub in Tring. Would it deter our intrepid adventurers? Shirley Knot. Delaying the start to allow for late-comers - Hashers arriving late? Nay, never happens - the assembled throng discussed the planned route and agreed a couple of changes. Off we set across the footbridge over the A41 Truck Road into Tring Park. Already the rain cloud had blown away and the sun was beginning to warm us up again. The first sharp incline soon brought us up to the Icknield Way Path which we followed to the hamlet of Hastoe with its radio mast which much later in the day would be clearly visible on the distant horizon. Entering the woods, we followed the Icknield Way and then the Ridgeway until we reached the great expanse of Wendover Woods. Here some testing ascending and descending was ahead of us, but at length we arrived at a picnic site where we were able to enjoy a relaxed, well-deserved lunch amid the magnificent vistas of the Chiltern Hills. More climbing brought us to the highest point in the Chiltern Hills (876ft/267m), commemorated with a plaque, behind which Forking and Private Parts posed for a photo opportunity. With most of the serious climbing now behind us we had a glorious walk through the scenic Buckinghamshire countryside, past the picturesque Drayton Manor and the magnificent West Leith Farm, before finally ducking under the A41 again and back to the pub. Here we felt obliged to sample the local Tring Brewery ales that were on offer from mine host at The Castle.
An excellent day's walking spoiled only but the fact that just 2 Hashers could be arsed to turn up for the bloody thing!!!!!! Lame excuses for CBA to Ringer. We'll publish the best worst here.
Frau: "3 hr appointment at the hairdressers" - It wasn't a formal walk Frau, no need to dress up
Shuffle: "Selling house" - The guilty doing a runner?