Run 1098

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Bear 'All, Knebworth

Hares: The Count & Lady P


"On me 'ead, son" said FDC

Skippy and communications system

The RA fesses up

It was a glorious day, not a hint of rain.
Gorjoyce said "Such a lovely day let's make the most of it and have a long run"
Underlay said "I could do with some exercise, I've had my feet up all day"
Pussies said "Of course I don't need help with parking. Do you think I'm the new White Rabbit?"
Shuffle said "I know exactly what run number it is"
Lady P said "Is it really my anniversary again? So soon?"
Skippy said "Breaker one-two. I'll send the dog with a message"
The Frau said "I like the look of those nettles, just right for my bare legs"
Nik Nak said "These conditions are far worse than my marathon when it was quite nice really"
Forking said "I've been having a gander at that Prince William bloke and I'm going for the same sartorial style. And when it's all sweaty I'll take it home rather than leave it in a pile for Lady P to wash"
Custard said "I'll run to the back anyway even if 7 have already gone"
Spotted Dick said "I'm not sure we really ought to go down this path the landowner might be upset"
Private Parts said "No more cake for me please, I'll start to look like one"
Lush said "Orange has never really been my colour, I'm thinking of using grey as a theme"
Submissive said "Not so sure about this religion thing: Lost Cause really is the light of my life"
Lost Cause said "I was wondering if I was ever going to have a down-down from this hash. Am I invisible?"
The RA said "My name is Rapid and I am a kleptomaniac. I have a problem and I need help"
Twiczer said "Give me a shout when the circle starts I'm fed up with this admin"
Double Entry said "While I'm here Count could you do a few portrait photos, you know, 'artistic' ones?"
Thongo said "What an awful run, a complete waste of my afternoon"
Shagpile said "I don't know what this hash is coming to - I would never take a phone call during a circle"
The Count said "No, go on have another Proper Job, I've got plenty"
Capt F said "I'm a bit pissed off with punting every year, why don't we do something different?"
Of course none of the above really happened but it was great to have a surprise visit from Penetrator and Ringkisser


Email better "the last thing they would say"s to The Count. He will print

"What us, obey a number check?"

Shuffle with object of desire

Apres/ Returnees Penetrator & Ringkisser


9 JUNE 2012

Forking's cameo was the star punting performance on a chilly, breezy but dry day on The Cam with Fizzy annoying and angelic in equal measures and The Capt F Pink Gazebo a stand-out attraction at a well stocked picnic in Grantchester Meadows