Run 1095

Monday 14 May 2012

The Royal Oak, Woburn

Hares: Forking Dick Chair


Rapeseed: awful stuff but a pretty photo,
even with Depth Charge in it

Twin Scalps for the RA

FC and PP own up to eating all the pies

A torrential rainstorm of biblical proportions tried to wash away the trail from The Royal Oak, but all it did was bring out returnee Scoobie Doobie Doo in search of fresh shiggy. At 7 o'clock Pussies Galore was already champing at the bit in the car park next to the landlord's Jag.
Reassured to learn it was a 7-30 start she chatted along with another earlybird, Lush Big Knickers. Depth Charge arrived with his canoe on the roofrack just in case the rain set in again. The circle quickly swerved to avoid Nik Nak, bagging the last car parking space.
Co-hare Atomic Titten hadn't recovered from putting her head back and opening wide at the clinic, so Forking Dickchair took it in his hands [oooo er Mrs] to call the on-off.
The pack went away towards the first false check before about-turning back to Duck Lane and up the Woburn Road towards the countryside. Yesterday's sighting of lost schoolboys in the woods kept the ladies alert in search of a trophy toyboy. Rear of the hash, Submissive set off looking in one direction as Underlay searched the other way. Thankfully Pussies had nonchalantly ambled onto the correct path to win the impromptu ladies check. Rapid Withdrawal went up the hill too soon, as the derelict farmyard had to be crossed first. The pack then raised itself up to the broad sunlit uplands.
Captain Faaaantastic led the home run downhill past the bluebells. The last number check then caught Prof Umo and Edwina 123 before another climb to Maryland College. The run concluded with the mesmeric sight of Woburn Abbey. Passing the new fire station next to the pub Double Entry looked up at the magnificent gleaming helmets hung next to the bright red engines wistfully saying "only a fireman will do for me".
In the bar Count Roadkill denied all knowledge of his involvement in the Leveson enquiry but the headlines (below) say different...
On on to the new moon run on Friday or if the rain carries on we'll all be in Noah's Ark next Monday (That's 7-30 Pussies)


Check out the route at: 1095 TRAIL MAP LINK

I'll say nothing til I've spoken to my lawyer.

Scooobie also appears in Return of the
Zombie Hasher

Lord Leroy wiping his Country Seat

RA admits theft and compensates Count
with Forking Shirt & down-down