Run 1091

Sunday 15 April 2012

The Silver Cup, Harpenden

Hares: Bangers & Forking


Zebedee in top gear out of hash gear

Submissive cleans up the Nickey Line
after Oscar dumped on Frau's parade

Twiczer takes the Hashit with opprobrium

Some of the first to arrive at The Silver Cup were Lush Big Knickers and Double Entry. Both reported having seen Nik Nak legging it a few miles back up the Luton Road. Others had also arrived on foot from the St Albans direction, a couple (though not married) of newies who were friends of Zebedee. Tony the returnee returned without his good crack award. Captain F warmed the circle up with a joke before the hash set out past the front of Rothamsted Park. Once inside the park there was not enough time to admire the nation's collections of Willows but instead be dazzled by the blur of Depth Charge beaming interplanetary to the back of the pack after a number check. Private Parts checked out a long falsie. "Well worth laying" quoted Ringer to a beaming Forking. There was a mass crop invasion at the beautiful bluebells in the woods. The resulting picture speaks a thousand words (just a reminder Shuffle). Soon it was time to cross the 'Nicky Line' which Shufflecock promptly renamed as the Frau Kraft Rot Line. Skippy was out to help team RA, by spotting Legs Eleven on the phone. This ultimately dropped both of them in it at the end. Reminiscing about his school days Count Roadkill bumped into an old friend of his from his time as an apprentice back in the 1960s. After the Grand National we had our own faller, Submissive copied Oscar by rolling in the grass near the golf course. At the pub with a jar of freshly baked cookies and the chips as well there were down downs. Nik Nak had already gone, continuing her extended pub crawl home. If you see her out on the streets, either buy her a pint, or back her in the MK marathon on 29 April.

It's on on to the Fox & Duck, as well as the new moon hash on Friday.

On on Bangers & Madge

That controversial bluebell-busting snap

Skippy turns Wood Sprite

Newbees or passing walkers?