Run 1089

Sunday 1 April 2012

The Jester, Odsey

Hares: The Count, Lady P & Fliptop

HASHERS: 22  ANKLE BITERS: 0  MUTTS: 2  APRES: 3  Plus loads from H4

Mr X doesn't think it's champagne either

DE poses for Posh Award Snap

300 Run Award for Lady P

Brilliantly Simple Concept: All Fools Day Run from The Jester.
So Brilliantly Simple H4 thought of it as well.
The Hash Network worked: we avoided the horror (or do I mean fun?) of two trails from the same pub. It was a de facto Joint Run on neutral ground in Cambridgeshire. It's just occurred to me - thank goodness Cambs H3 don't do Brilliantly Simple or we might have had a letter from Disgruntled of Shefford, Capt (ret'd).
Another Brilliantly Simple Concept: an April Fool of a run. The shortest run on record with the longest false trail in H5 history. And it worked in the sense that the whole combined Hash ran up to 3 miles before finding a false trail sign, as in - back to the pub and start again. And then, for the few who could be arsed to do it, a quick spin round the nearest field to find the ON INN.
It didn't work in the sense that 84% of the Hash either did not understand the joke or did not appreciate it. But, hey ho, it was a lovely day, and we had a decent run through a interesting area - principally around the Omya chalk quarry. I'm sure FC will appreciate this fact: "The 'Morden Rock' extracted at the quarry is a cretaceous chalk over 100 million years old. It is a very pure and white form of Calcium Carbonate - a sedimentary rock formed from the compressed skeletons of millions of prehistoric animals and sea creatures. It makes laying trails in the area using white flour very hazardous" It must be a fact, I took most of it from t'internet.
Stand-in Hash Flash Frau Krafty Rot, to whom this organ is grateful, produced a study of images contrasting the rural setting with this semi-industrial complex. But who wants to look at those when you can see a snap of Hash Mattress with a plastic cup in her mouth?
On the other hand 92% of the Hash did appreciate the Bubbly Stop and I hope the care that went into making a few bottles of low alcohol Bucks Fizz look like a cache of top drawer Champagne (as in "April Fool"). The Jelly Babies went quickly too, especially if left anywhere near Custard.
And this Hare appreciated the effort put in by Shuffle Cock, Zebedee, Sludge, Rapid Withdrawal and one or two others to slog their way there and back with relatively good humour.
But back to the start (of the false trail). While sprinting past Ashwell Station Nik-Nak couldn't resist throwing herself on top of a sleeping policeman. Nice idea but very nasty graze to the forearm. Do hope you're alright and didn't mind us carrying on regardless NN. Nurse Pussies Galore was in attendance.
Derivation of the term "jester"? According to Rapid - a corruption of "jouster": the first "fool" was Ap Rilfool the "jouster" who fell, or jester. Lady P believed him: down-down for her as well as a 300 run award.
Down-downs also to Zebedee (who brought a super birthday cake for all to share), PP, Foghorn and Shuffle. And Awards at last engraved and presented to Double Entry (2011 POSH Award most runs run) and Lost Cause's Harem (2011 Quiz winners) represented by Underlay & DE in the continued absence of Lost (WIEAPOM) Cause.


Shuffle keeps an eye on Frau's drinking

In this picture the part of DE was played by Underlay (aka Bob)

One GM drinks all GMs drink