Run 1087

Sunday 18 March 2012

The Orange Tree, Baldock

Hares: Knobber and Scooper


Madge's Birthday but ....

... Knobber knabbed the hat first

Lady P's cake was popular

With my foot and his knee, this was a 50/50 Hash and I had thought of sub-contracting it until I heard Clarence Carter's 'Patches' on the wireless the other morning, and it inspired me to carry on.

So we decided that we should use as much soft ground as possible to cushion our injuries, and headed out of the little tunnel and across Ivel Meadows to the Equitation Centre. The falsie on the Letchworth side deceived only a few, but then for some inexplicable reason the pack disappeared along the side of a field where there was no trail.

A strong rain had come that day, and it washed all the dust away. Nevertheless, The Count found some on the Greenway, heading towards Nortonbury. The pack then checked out Radwell Meadows, before picking its way along the frog and toad (literally), past Norton Mill and a couple more false trails to the junction with North Road, where Nik Nak was causing a distraction to the passing Ferrari drivers.

It was here that Scooper had to throw in the towel to his knee, he tried to do his best, it was up to me to do the rest.

The trail took the pack up the Icknield Way to a View Check, then down only to find that the Farmer had been working that day, and he ploughed all the trail away. So a detour took the pack almost back to where the loop began, before finding its way back into Ivel Meadows and the On Inn, and returned to the Orange Tree and some decent beers.

The circle was lively and included, amongst others, down downs for the Hares, Atomic Titten and Lady Pee for her comments about Ferrari drivers' naughty parts. And my really funny joke, and Madge and I sharing our birthdays.

Lady Pee had the last words, about a duck that went into a shop and chose some lipstick. "Stick it on my bill, would you?".


This weeks Knobpedia:
Did you know that Clarence Carter became Bruce Springsteen's saxophone player (it was him on 'Born to Run'), and, sadly, died recently?
Scribe says: Silly old Wiki gets it wrong again: they think Carter is still alive and the late Clarence Clemons played sax for The Boss. What do they know...

Stop calling me Brian, my name is Depth Charge

Optimistic Nik-Nak thumbs a Ferrari lift ...

.. optimistic Lady P warms Scooper's hands

Underlay reveals herself