Run 1086

Sunday 11 March 2012

The Three Blackbirds, Flamstead

Hares: Bangers & Forking


Double wonders what size helicopter can possibly land here

Lost Cause in Birthday mode ... or is he moving home

Pussies grills newbee Kate

Hare Shirt and 200 Awards for Forking

Flamstead, a pretty village that was once the homestead for pilgrims heading to Verulam got its name from well sloshed romans saying Verulam-stead after a few too many pints at the Three Blackbirds, a 16th century brewhouse [talk me through that again ... scribe].
Keeping up this local tradition were 15 hashers, including a virgin of Private Parts aquaintance, a bit of a Waity Katie, not that she carried bulbuous love handles, but more that she wasn't one to be rushed [my apologies gm he gets carried away .... scribe].
Thongo didnt hang around too long to get chatting to her. With limited parking in the pub car park it was Pussies Galore that made the most of the street parking, several passing cars queing up as she tucked her small motor into a space recently vacated by a chieftan tank. Lost Cause stepped into the circle as his birthday was on Tuesday, good enough to wear the birthday hat as well as carry the matching hashit. Nik Nak made a late appearance just as the hash dispersed.
The first point of reference was Pie Corner, where Count Roadkill chirped "who ate all the pies?" in the presence of Forking, who is partial to the odd one [and it's beginning to show ... scribe]. The weather in Flamstead (Jamaica) was 27 degrees with a 16 mph breeze from the beach. In Hertfordshire the views were outstanding, with glorious countryside as far as the M1 motorway. Submissive was first to mount at the hold check, Oscar kept his sensible head on.
Away into the fields went early FRB Lady Pee, only to return after finding a falsie. Five Baah was ahead of the pack by now, after choosing the right route, and he sort of stayed at the front for the rest of the run despite several number checks.
The wooded section at the apogee of the run was a few weeks away from being a beautiful carpet of Bluebells, but Bangers proudly showed Ringer and Voisin some recent natural activities in the undergrowth he had spotted since his last visit, as a substantial tree had recently fallen over from termite infestation. The return leg was pleasantly through some horsey fields, though Double Entry was diverted from following the trail ending up on a country lane. There she had to chat up some lucky locals.
The pub echoed of tales of rescued damsels, and it may still be the best thing to happen in this part of the woods till we next visit. At least we will be able to spot Lush Big Knickers, who in a bright orange 100 runs sweatshirt wouldn't look out of place as an Easyjet trolley dolly. She will fit in well with the colour scheme of next week's run, barring another termite infestation, at The Orange Tree.

On On

Bangers & Madge and Forking

Mopping up the short-cutters on the return to Flamstead

Subby on a roll

Happy Hash Campers in the sun

LBK 100 award comes with free Pussies Puppet