Run 1085

Sunday 4 March 2012

The Three Moorhens, Hitchin

Hares: Zebedee (live) & Gorjoyce (very much so)


Ringer, Bangers and Madge look on as Forking operates the Gorjoyce ventriloquist doll

I've seen a pair like this before...

Dear Scribe,
Not sure about my one line contribution [see below below] but would the Live Hash Warning/Instructions be worth publishing? [see below]. They clearly show the Hare's careful, considered planning, extensive research, in depth consultations with our elite live running hairs but on returning to the pub, I was confronted with a mixed reaction of congratulations from the FRBs and consternation from the Knitters (sorry Boris, I didn't lay any numbers early on - I was in a panic about the FRBs catching me and forgot to put any down!) And yet more stick, from annoyed late arrivals - Edwina 123 and It's Megmerelda - who obviously had no idea after the initial ON next one was another quarter of a mile away - that'll teach 'em to arrive late on a live run! (Pot and and kettle come to mind -do you think Scribe?!) [yes ... scribe]
For those that had no idea where they were running/walking the Hash map might be worth a look, which after being scanned has not shown the highlighted route too well...much like the self erasing flour the Hare allegedly laid! (again, attached). You may just be able to see the faint orange highlighted route that was laid, and when the Hare got his act together there were plenty of numbers (especially at the top of steep climbs), Ladies and Veterans checks but alas the pack had enough and short cutted along the track past Offleyholes Farm to Sootfield Green (drat!!). Shortly after this point with no sign of any hashers, the Hare was getting concerned that the Pack are in another county and resorted to walking and listened hard to hear distant calls (but too faint to make out) until eventually Rapid Withdrawal caught up and earned his FRB award!
The Hare felt the pressure of being chased and fun of trying to out wit the FRBs, whilst trying to keep the pack together. The cock ups were numerous and general chaos reigned

The Hare did his worst, so did the rain, it reigned supreme. Spring will soon arrive - Happiness is coming!....!!!

"Zebedee, is that you? Quick they've stolen the map and are planning a short cut to beat you back to the pub!"

Am I seeing things or is that another UFO over Gorjoyce's head?

WARNING: This is a live run, expect chaos and hope for the best. It will be a little different from our usual fare and hence this note.
I will be haring up ahead of the Pack, trying to keep the FRBs at bay and totally oblivious to what going on behind me. To try and keep the pack together, number checks will be used (liberally) to occupy the FRBs. A reminder for the benefit of Mekon - the FRBs will need to observe these numbers! Held checks may also be deployed (hopefully I will be up ahead trying to work out where trail should go and/or just catching my breath) so please let the knitting circle catch up before moving on.
The use of (self erasing) flour will be very sparse (price of wheat and/or lazy Hare), one blob and you're ON! No blob = False Trail. However, that one blob may be further along the trail than usual to keep the FRBs guessing as I will not be laying any falsies.
The trail itself may include sections of quiet lanes, so please exercise care for any Petrol approaching. I'm aiming to give the FRBs a good workout without over stretching the Knitters, despite the predicted heavy rain! So expect some Shiggy!!
Pub Car Park - We are okay to park, best to use the top section away from the Pub. There should be further spaces on the road on immediately exiting the pub car park.

When I said get plastered, you were meant to drink the wine, not wear it Lush

If the bowl is good enough for Madge,
it's good enough for you Mekon

With the Live Hare out of touch with the Pack The Scribes gave The Hash's chance to express themselves in Wurdz (What would Pongo have thought?) and add some photo captions. Here we go:
"The trail was only to be found by the muddy foot prints of those gone before."
"Copious quantities of falling-down water involved in group leg-based exercise."
"Woof woof woof woof woof, zzzzzzz"
"mmm note to self, a hasher through and through ... Soaked, next time take shower gel and cold and flu remedy as a precaution"
"Only Rapid could look so smug after weather like that"
"Marvelous hunt for the hounds as they caught the hare on a challenging hash in the rolling countryside which was damp in places....damper when Foghorn found lots and lots of puddles!!"
"It was certainly wet, even wetter if you include the puddle stomping, but I must say an enjoyable run - despite finding a number of unmarked false trails and having to run back to catch up with the group. Zebedee was brave setting the trail live, and did well to confuse all and there is no way we would have caught him if we had not taken the short cut up the road. Shufflecock was not there (any truth in the rumour that he is being held hostage by the Leap Year Hash ?) so we vaguely all went the right way and surprisingly we didnt lose anybody with the lack of Ts. Zebedee, I thought the trail was magic in a roundabout type of way."

Rapid finds Lady P a handful

Please come back Lost Cause, I'm not
sure I can take this much longer

"We could have stayed in bed and let 'rain stop play' but being stalwart hashers we circled up, set off, trudged through the shiggy, got soaking wet – with Lush's leggings doing a good impression of a 50s bathing suit in terms of modesty - got freezing cold, wondered why we hadn't stayed in bed, kept going on Zebedee's relentless trail – wet hair/ what hair? – returned to the pub to peel clothes off our wrinkled, ashen skin, circled up and all said what a wonderful time we'd had! Mad or what! No just hashers!"
"Boris and the back markers bore bleak and boggy ground for miles with not a bloomin' hasher in sight!"
"Classic, if slightly elongated, trail through undulating Hertfordshire countryside, beautiful even when viewed through rain and below cloud"
"wet-wet-wet, but at H5 love is all around ..."