Run 1084

Sunday 26 February 2012

A Car Park near Bucks
(Rushmere Park)

Hares: Leroy & Rapid Withdrawal


Birthday Hat for Deano

The struggle to moisten LBK continued

"Who's been sitting in my chair" said G-String

The circle could only avert it's eyes as the GM stripped for his Hare Shirt

For 30 years, man and boy, Leroy has pounded the Stockgrove woods paths. Fast forward 10 years to September 1992 and Rapid was joint 4th to 100 SH4 runs along with Le Voison, or Robert, as he was known. Given that sort of providence, what could possibly go wrong ?

Well a few small things, that's all. Such as Double Entry not wanting to spend £2 unless she was sure that this was really the car park, or Bangers, in a rare moment of compassion confirming that Forking IS his son and parking in the Parent and child spaces. Not even the RSPCA investigation into CRK is really a big thing. In his defence the horses led him on.

It was a fine day for a Hash and a fine turnout given the location and additional cost of parking in these austere times. Rushmere park is a wonderful woods, full of intersecting trails and, as Leroy pointed out, trees. The trail looped around the car park before settling in the direction of Oak Woods. By this time Leroy even claimed to know where we were going, unlike Fat Controller who accused the Hares of plagiarism (Old Fool has been in the sun too much and clearly has no idea). As we reached a regroup where Limp attempted to moisten Lush, we were joined by Sperm Whale, but we soon lost him and never saw him again.

Following cycle tracks and horse trails we meandered with a smile on our face, but before long it was time to turn back and head to the car park, passing the oversized chair.

The circle followed immediately and appreciation was shown to the youthful looking hares and the secret RAs made themselves known. Fat Controller than proceeded to steal all of Count's down down material, but the Count was able to hold his own and awarded the much coveted Hare shirt to Private Parts, who clearly has enjoyed the pies at the Engineer's too much of late. Finally having awarded the Hashit to the Old Fool (see above), we headed off to pay our £2.00 and find a pub. With Leroy's directions nobody could possibly get lost, could they ?

As I write this, I'm looking forward to the Leap Year run tonight, unfortunately without Forking who called me last night to graphically describe what he was losing from different parts of his body.

On On to a bouncy run at the Three Moorhens

What would Pongo have thought of it so far, Ringer?

Hash Flash was in search of the callipygous wherever it is found

The late Gorjoyce

Le Voisin protests his innocence