Run 1083

Sunday 19 February 2012

The Engineers Arms, Henlow

Hare: Private Parts


Lush enjoys a playground check ..

.. and we all enjoy a jelly baby check

Two more super newbees

Thumbs up from Twiczer for the Syrian uprising

A fine sunny day at the Engineers - Saturday afternoon was as unpleasant as Sunday morning was nice. The end result was the GM could be found laying the trail the morning after a night at the Engineers Cider and Country Wine Festival. It had been a hard night: in preparation for the run a small group of H5ers risked life and taste-bud to check-out the ciders and wines on offer.

The results of the tastings were as follows:

  • Fiery Fox: A lively-sounding name, but Foghorn discovered that it turned out to be "Disappointingly furless"
  • Apples & Pears: Described in the festival menu as a" blend of scrumpy cider and the juice of fresh-pressed pears". Nothing like a nice juicy pair.
  • Boris Brain Bender: Boris' brain is now "just bent"
  • Broadoak Premium Perry: we found that this one was a very sharp little number that will remove the tooth as well as the enamel - hence PP's description of "liquid dentistry"
  • Badger's Spit*: Described in the menu as a "soft, unpretentious, great cider". The H5 testing group described this variously as "able to put hairs on your chest", "A creation of the devil", "Bloody awful" and "tastes like road-kill". The Count and Lady P shared a down-down of this particular cider and Lady P's expression confirmed the findings of the H5 tasting group.
  • Impeared Vision: Our ridiculous newee, Liz, found this one to be "truely quaffelicious".
  • Moonshine: This one looked like tap water. It was described in the menu as "very drinkable". The H5 testing group concluded that it was "better than the badger".

As for the run: the whole pack, including two newees, made it round the trail assisted by a large number of jelly babies. Skippy and Sophia enjoyed the playground (and finished-off the jelly babies). The final circle was used as a thoroughfare by numerous locals on their way to the bar and they were rewarded with the sight of Foghorn throwing the fermented juice of a dead badger over the RA, causing his hair-dye to dissolve.

OnOn to New Moon and beyond

* It is believed that a number of badgers were harmed in the making of this beverage.

Foghorn n Madge ... disappointingly furless

Ringer displays Hashit in full glory ..

.. before Leroy is awarded it

Thongo not sure what he thought of that