Run 1080

Sunday 5 February 2012

The Crown, Flitwick

Hares: Depth Charge & Forking DC


Shivering Madge the only mutt

The trail was in orange ...

... and Lush was pleased to match it

A great many thanks are due (grovell grovell) to both Depth Charge and Bangers & Madge, without whom this hash wouldn't have been.
Now a few worms from Depth Charge:
A well prepared hare is sure of his footing. That is why a Saturday laying of the trail was neccesary, so that on Sunday morning at a time known to few as sparrows fart the hares could re-group to put fresh markings over the new fallen snow. With a delectable powder colouring selected from the chinese menu between sweet and sour and pork spare rib there were orange markings made in the snow. Lush turned up in her chosen outfit only to find they clashed! Some hashers were holding back in even coming, Rapid Withdrawal was first on the dog and bone from his breakfast bar to check it was worth getting Golden Globes out of their pit to chauffer him to the start line. First to show were the furthest travelled, Screamer and birthday boy Smiffo. Asked what it was she calmly said with a straight face it was a big one, and he creased up to say it was one more than last year. With Private Parts arrival at least we knew there were more runners than hares. A very respectable sized hash gathered at the Crown where Hash Mistress Frau Krafty Rot, called everyone to order and then told us we were re-running Hash 1079.
On Out towards the railway and the usual suspects fell into the usual groups, with FRBs PP, Shufflecock, Cardiac and Smiffo being joined by Leroy and visiting from MKH3 Tinkerbell, easily recognised in his skimpy outfit of shorts and flatcap. On On, where a particularly cunning hare had laid a false trail, before cutting across a ditch to lay the correct trail without leaving any footprints in the virgin snow. How many inches of white stuff there were is doubtful, Submissive confidently said six and Double Entry dithered between 8 to 10 inches. Some are just hard to satisfy. This foxed the hash before the field crossing. In Greenfields there where more number-checks keping everyone together, with even the knitting circle as potential candidates. Upon reaching The Compasses at halfway, PP was sorely tempted to call a Beer stop.
The second half of the run seemed a little lacking in number checks, this may well have been due to sabotage. Photographic evidence shows a couple of likely suspects. Lots more false trails found, but everyone arrived back pretty much dead. On the hour where Hash Mistress reminded us it was Hash 1079, I do love déjà vu, do you?
Down downs were handed out for;
The Hares, for a particularly Orange run (though there was a fair amount of yellow about).
Smiffo for a large one plus one according to Screamer (birthday that is)
Submissive - because Lost Cause wasn't there to pick on.
Tinkerbell - as newie visitor and flat cap.
Double Entry for a photo opportunity
Lush for her novel freezer bag footwear.
Next run is Gisperts (1081) on Saturday evening in Sandy at 7pm, Hared by Shagpile with a meal afterwards and then the following morning Red Dress (1082) from the Windmill in Charlton hared by Rapid and Ringer.
Depth Charge

Not really limbo weather

HM & GM consult map kindly left by hares

Double is persuaded to join the circle