Run 1079

Sunday 29 January 2012

The Bright Star, Peter's Green

Hares: The Count & Lady P


Zebedee looking like a real runner

A fine pair of birthday bums

Lady P .. baked cakes that soon disappeared

THE LOCATION: Peter's Green was a new one for us as Thongo was kind enough to point out in a complimentary way when asked (he also held held forth on water towers when not asked and the RA pulled him up on it). Landlady Judith made us very welcome and good chips too.

THE LAYING: G-String's Delusion - the belief that you can hash with two young girls in tow. The Count's Delusion - the belief you can lay a trail with two young girls in tow. And why not? Half way round Emily lost one welly in mud and hopped around in the other for 10 seconds before toppling over in a puddle. And all the way round they argued over who would lay the next blob.

THE ROUTE: The hares chose a laney route and warned of vehicles, but shouts of "petrol" were rare as it happened. When we ventured off-road we found some welcome shiggy - few will be surprised to learn we ran close to a place called Claggybottom.

THE RUNNERS: Despite carrying the FRB award Zebedee looked like a real runner, leaving all but 5-Baah and Mekon behind him until worn down by number checks. None of that for Mekon who went straight to The Bright Star ignoring trail and numbers alike. The Hashit for for Zebedee and the FRB award for Mekon.

THE KNITTING CIRCLE: Ever expanding in H5 and they can only watch the orange flash from afar (that's Z not Lush by the way) - next week a multi-coloured flash in the hashit. Then there is G-String plus two in a buggy: this week expertly catered for thanks to Laney Trail. They and the increasingly lame Shagpile did a full circuit finishing bang on time.

THE HASHERS: Young newbee Evie was introduced by Fizzy and later gave an excellent display of glass throwing as a finale to her first down-down. Submissive and Custard turned out to be a fine pair of birthday bums. Edwina impressed this hare by donating a dust cap for the tyre of his Focus, having noticed it missing last week. What a nice chap. It was good to see occasionals Le Voison and Sludge.

THE APRES: Underlay had cycled 35 miles to be with us (nowt compared to the Lands End to JO'G she has planned for June): shame she couldn't have got up a bit earlier and hashed (can't believe I said that - Capt F will tell me off). Lady P had baked cakes that soon disappeared, hashers donating £9.10 for charity to grab a piece (that's £71.71 in the Cake Makers Charity Pot already).

THE NOVELTY BITS: New this week - the I Love Forking T-Shirt courtesy of the great man's former employers Team RA and awarded to Twiczer (stand-in Hash Flash for the day and snapper of the ones that are in focus) for not attaching minutes to her email. The H5 Hare Shirt was unveiled - to be awarded to hares who have hared 5 times in a year.
THE DOWN DOWNS: Lush, Submissive .. it's becoming traditional to forget what these are for and I'll not break with that.

ON ON TO THE CROWN AT FLITWICK (if the Hares are fit enough?)

Thongo .. holds forth on water towers

The Hashit for Zebedee

Forking T-Shirt .. awarded to Twiczer