Run 1076

Sunday 8 January 2012

The Wheatsheaf, Tempsford

Hares: Donut & Foghorn


Skidmark does everything in style

Hash tests bailey bridge strength

Underlay applies First Aid after Lady P fall

Birthdays for Splinter & Sleepy Hollow

"Why is it the same people every week?"

50 Run Tankard for Biggles

500 Run Mankini for Pecker

In your Scribe's 'Umble Opinion, the best Hash Day we've ever had in Herts 'n' Beds.

There's a Challenge - can anyone name a Better?

Many Thanks to DONUT, FOGHORN and WARD 10

Scribe (not even late Wurdz have changed my mind on this one)

This run has become an annual event for H5. Is this because of the faaantastic run, the faaantastic hares, the faaantastic food............ or is it due to the fact, everyone wants to annoy a certain local faaarmer!? Who knows........... but what another faaantastic turnout we had!

At 11.15, I arrived in Tempsford (after spending the morning at w... & looking like I wasn't going to make it!) to the greetings of my old man, Donut, and a map!........... "you're front hare, here's where we are going." So, I was briefed up about the hash and what to expect, but not having laid the run, only had the map to go on..........great, lots of running for me today then!

11.20, local angry faaarmer approaches us and questions us about the run. "Are you going through my laaannnd todaaay?, 'cos I seen sum flour at the bottom of my driiivewaaay." Naturally, we just shrugged our shoulders and replied, "everyone will walk thru' if we do", but for the first time ever, his yard was only a false trail and after a couple of others, the correct trail was found, through the churchyard towards Blunham. This caused a bit of mayhem at the outset, but did allow the knitting circle to get a head start!

Several numbered 'fishhooks' were laid on the trail as the opportunity for checks were minimal. This meant the knitting circle found themselves at the front on occasions and the FRBs had a few good runs whenever the pack got strung out.

On to a held check by the river bridge, then for some reason Smiffo called a false trail along the east side of the river - evidently, a large blob of flour had been spread out to resemble a T! At least this held up the FRBs once more. On to a HH check, specifically for Shagpile, as he recently celebrated a special 39th birthday again! He is actually the age associated with the number of Heinz varieties, so we think he should be known as Herr Heinz for the year! After a long straight trail following the river, it was on to a ladies check, then to a much appreciated beer stop [very much appreciated the beers were top notch .. scribe] in Blunham village where Ward 10 was waiting with plenty of liquid refreshment. ☺☺

Smegmarelda took up the offer of a lift back to the chariots, whilst the hash checked out the trail. Having been informed we were only halfway, Spotted Dick bleated "that can't be right" as we were still running away from Tempsford. We could only reply and boost morale by saying it was a long run to get everyone's appetite up for the meal after. Confused hashers were kept guessing and wondered where the trail was leading to, asking more questions - have faith in the hares!

On towards Sandy and an M check by the cycle way, for Mismanagement members. Then on-on to another check by South Mills. The Hash was really beginning to look a bit worried now, Airscrew commenting "there's no way back from here!"

On to a P check where the Count had the chance to do some flashing with his camera - the hash lining up over the bailey bridge. On-on once more, still running towards Sandy. Lady P unfortunately trips on some barbed wire, but it's Underlay to the rescue with her mobile first aid kit. Through the farmers yard and, what a difference in attitude, he actually put his geese away from sight for us!

Finally, after another check and more falsies, it's ON-INN via a coach waiting in the lay-by at Sandy, to the delight of ALL!

Back at the Wheatsheaf, its circle up and the Hares get their just desserts! J

Lots of down downs - birthdays for Splinter & Sleepy Hollow; anniversary for Lady P & the Count; 50 run tankards for Karmen Suits ya & Biggles; 500 run award for Pecker; down-downs for Frau, Lost Cause, Skidmark, Forkin,WWW and probably others we've forgotten.

On into the pub where an array of helium filled balloons c/w place names, await at each table. Grateful thanks to all the staff for looking after us, especially the 2 main waitresses, Becky and Carla, who love us so much, they wanted to be named! After a briefing from Donut, the RA, Rapid, does the honours, Becky now christened Tree Hugger and Carla, Party Popper.

Many thanks from Ward 10 and Donut for all your support and comments of enjoyment & appreciation.

ON-ON to Run 1077, the Red Lion at Elstow


Herr Heinz salutes his check

Count the Teasel

A coach back from Sandy .....

Anniversary for The Count & Lady P

Lush adds a splash of colour

50 Run Tankard for Karmen Suits Ja

Tree Hugger & Party Popper name