Run 1075

1 January 2012

Mardley Heath, Welwyn

Hares: Custard & Spotted Dick


So the first run of a New Year. Just a few hangovers especially Gor-joyce. Spotted Dick and Custard kindly hosted the event at their crib. Capt F advised that they could expect a small turnout so they planned to cater for about 10-15. In the end there was a magnificent turnout of 23 and 4 mutts. No virgins were sacrificed for the New Year, shame. Oops no photos either [Typical - in the absence of both Scribes it goes pointy bits uppards]. Still Fat Controller was over the moon as No27 backs onto the mainline. The pre-lube mulled wine went down a treat and delayed the start by 10 mins. So with a circle up at the end of No27's drive no birthdays or anniversaries it was on on back up to Mardley Avenue. Zeb was off like a mountain goat only to miss the bar check on Mardley Avenue. Meanwhile the main pack had tried the dead end of Mardley Heights only to be called back as the FRBs found the dust down Rosecroft.

The pack gathered and a narrow alley led everyone down to Robbery Bottom Lane. A ladies check was swiftly picked up by Underlay. 100 yards further along an uphill check, carefully avoided by Underlay dragged Zeb and Zing-Along, slowed down the FRBs a little as the pack made its way past the next check towards the Great North Railway line Viaduct. The experienced ones guessed the trail would lead up to Harmer Green Wood by way of the Scout camp track but oops another falsie allowed the Knitting circle of Double Entry, Frau and friends to catch up and take the right up Broom hill into the private estate, plenty of chiggy up here. A split of the pack at the Chestnut Walk junction delayed the regrouping of the pack at the Health check allowing Spotted Dick to trail the whole pack. Custard, concerned over the amount of Hash Nosh prepared, decided to return to conjure up more food for the ravening hoard and Spotted Dick, picking up Zeb and Zing, headed back up Oaklands Rise with Mekon and monsters to pick up the narrow chiggy path into HG Woods.

The Knitting circle were completing a mill about as the FRBs had failed to kick out the check at the entrance to H G Wood. Fortunately the pack were quickly regrouped at the next Health check. All were presented with a glorious view over the valley south towards Welwyn before the check it out sent the pack investigating the 7-way junction. A narrow path to the south just inside the wood led everyone away and split the pack as the FRBs got into their stride. A gallop down the wood was enjoyed by all as no one took the shortcut. An impromptu Health check enabled a catch up and the Hare, S Dick Esq., went completely mad and arrowed the trail as he said check it out. Capt F was not fooled and set off down Turpins Ride towards the old A1. Spot of argument about whether the dust was a bar or an arrow at the main road was cleared up by S D making sure it was an arrow as Zeb again missed the arrow across the pedestrian crossing and had to be hauled back. The sun and run must have gone to his head. The Fat Controller was disappointed that we ran straight past the North Star Pub (North Star being a famous railway engine he undoubtedly wished to regale the pack about). We were, after all, on a shortish run with food beckoning. A further short cut at the last check was studiously avoided by all; no doubt the christmas mince pies were pricking consciences. A quick tour of Mardley Heath paths and the wood at the edge of Mardley Common swiftly brought the pack back to Chez SD&C for a much needed loo break, more mulled wine, the hissing of Custard's pressure cooker and the gentle wafting of baked potatoes.

The circle up was fast and furious with down downs for Mekon (key conflict) & the Hares followed by one of the Fat Controller's strange (sic) stories. So quick was the down down that everyone forgot to award the Hashit toilet seat (now residing in SD&C's dining room). According to the rules [rules? What rules? - Dep. Scribe] I am sure this is an RA Faux Pax. The down downs were curtailed with a grub-up from Custard and the Beef casserole, home made mince pies and tarts were decimated. Underlay strived heartily to finish the Mulled Wine but was beaten in the end; good job Shagpile was driving and on dog watch.

Farewells were said and relief showed on Tyler-dog's face as he had his garden back now that Oscar, Rainbow & Lilly had left.

Spotted Dick & Custard