Run 1073

18 December 2011

The Royal Oak, Lidlington

Hare: Airscrew

HASHERS: 23  ANKLE BITERS: 2  NEWEES: 2 (canine)  MUTTS: 6 (yes 6 in total!)  APRES: 0

Hare briefs Dir. Field Ops.

Pimp my buggy

Shagpile models hottest fashion
in dog-owner-wear

Before the Words, Nik-Nak checks in with a message for all...

*waves* This year all my family have agreed with me to save the money spent on Christmas cards and postage and donate to Keech Hospice Care.
Do have my compliments of the season - wishing you all peace, love and good health at Christmas and always.

Nik Nak

... British Weather #?!#!! ... dry on Saturday when it was laid, then on Sunday morning rain, sleet and snow!!! A rescue attempt was made, but laying white flour when it's snowing is pointless!!

Nevertheless, Hashers (plus MKH3) arrived and a circle formed ... points of concern ... Railways lines, Shiggy, Ice ... On On!

The pack headed straight for the railway line, but a footpath led them away through the houses and on to the Common. A Ladies Check saw some of the Men take flight but quickly recoiled when the error in their ways was highlighted. A little confusion due to the lack of flour took the pack on a gruelling hill climb to a View Stop. The pause was interrupted by bitterly cold cross winds ... so thankfully On On was called by Capt F. As the pack rounded the next hill, everybody started to follow G-String & Pram ... just because he has a map doesn't mean he is going the right way ... with a little help from the Hare, the correct path located.

At the next Ladies Check, Submissive picked the right route! And it was On On to the Farm House, where a very nice farmer wished us a "Good Morning" ... much nicer than our friend in Tempsford!

A series of Checks took the Hash west towards the M1 and with a few numbers to keep the front runners occupied, the pack arrived at another View Stop. The pack then split into Long and Short groups. 95% of the pack took the Shiggy route even after being pre-warned at the Check! But this paled into insignificance when everybody entered the field and could see G-String, Pram & Shagpile trudging through the quagmire ahead ... at the bottom time was taken to remove the recently blinged-up pram wheels (see muddy photo).

It was then a long run along the Railway with various options to cross, but finally the 3rd crossing was taken and the pack ended up looping past the School and into town ... On Inn ... 1 hour run, better than the last attempt of 45 minutes at Lidlington.

Merry Christmas to you all, see you in the New Year and wish me luck for my Job Interview on the 4th in Baltimore (USA) [As it's Xmas, we'll excuse the mention of W*** this once, but don't let it happen again - Dep. Scribe] ... and yes there is a local Hash House Harriers.

On On Airscrew

Recipe: Lay plain white flour, leave overnight to frost, dust with snow just before the run

The trek up from Base Camp was arduous

Mine clearance, Lidlington style

Prince Charmless seeks boot(leg) owner...Who does it fit?...Ah, it's Submissive...who gets to wear the Hashit