Run 1072

Sunday 11 December 2011

Skidmark Lodge

Hare: G-String


The Scribe wishes all readers a Merry Yuletide while he bujjers off to Oz leaving you in the oh-so capable hands of Ringer.

When Wednesday morning arrived and Words hadn't, I thought a few words of admonishment to the Hare were in order, but (perhaps) shamed into action, the next day G-String hit the sweet spot of the willow. Read on...

"The Harriets now standing on platform 3...
...are on the wrong side"

When your circle up round a fire...

Skippy insists her down-down is not what she ordered #earlyteenager

Pussies keen to get her teeth into her 200-run award #greedygirl


There are no Words...

There are no Words
That stand to report,
How was this run?
Was it fine or fraught?

There are no Words
To tell the story,
Of G-String's run
Was it death or glory?

There are no Words
About Hashers' feet,
Padding doggedly
Down Arlesey High Street

There are no Words
But admissions abound:
"It's 11:45,
We're not half way round!"

There are even no Words
About good Xmas cheer,
Scones munched in the garden
And washed down with beer

In short G-String,


Well slap my thigh and call me Valerie! I just logged on to the Wurdz (with the devious intent of ripping off some of my previous missives), only to find that Ringer has played a blinder and come in with a poem to make Alfred Lord Tena Pad chuck in his quill and say, "Bugger me, I'm an old hack."

However, sticking with said Lord Tena Pad...

Half a mile, half a mile,
Half a mile onward urged the hare,
All in the valley of Death (or as the locals prefer to call it, Arlesey),
Ran/walked/hobbled (delete as appropriate) the hash...

"On On, the hash!" cried Airscrew, Depth Charge, Zebedee, Seaman Staines and Smiffo,
Was there a hasher dismay'd?
Not tho' the hash knew
Someone (G-String) had blundered:
Their's not to make reply,
Their's not to reason why,
Their's but to do and die:
Into the bowels of Arlesey
Ran/walked/hobbled (delete as appropriate) the hash.

Fields to right of them,
Railway lines to left of them,
Short cuts in front of them (which the Knitting Circle stubbornly refused to follow - in fact only 3 took them, the hare (natch) and Skippy and Legs 11),
The hare was inept (quod erat demonstrandum!),
The Count, he looked like Hell,
Post Posh Nosh Hashers strolled as well (there just isn't enough space on the page for a listing... or on my hard drive for that matter),
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Arlesey
Ran/walked/hobbled (delete as appropriate) the hash.

They that had hashed so well
Came thro' the jaws of Arlesey,
Back from the mouth of Stotfold,
All that was left of them,
Left of six hundred or so that started, (the hare didn't take a head count, other than The Count, of which there was 1).

When can their glory fade?
O the wild charge they made!
All the world wonder'd.
Honour the ambling they did dash!
Honour the Hare and Hounds Hash,
Noble six hundred (or so that started)!

I'm sure they were there when we set out this morning #verychillyday

...smoke gets in your eyes (either that or the lens needs cleaning) #photoshop

There was a cake with candles - Emily was 1 #hashybarfday

RA sets new record: Newee named at 1st run. Seaman Stains tries to explain to Kleenex #FAIL
Thereafter, much righteous punishment did ensue. The RA named a newee, Kleenex; admonished the guilty, Skippy (who turned Queen's evidence on G-String), Pussies (I can't remember what she did but have you seen that photo? It must have been BAD! Bl**dy pleased it wasn't me that was being punished!); and celebrated a birthday, Emily who was 1.

Incidentally, I checked Google as my recollection of the brand name for special towels for special moments was lacking, (having used my last one much earlier in the day). A search on tena pad will bring up a hit on Lady Gaga as number 3! I don't know why that's significant and I'd prefer not to know. All of you reading this at "W", I suggest you think twice before typing tena pad into your search engine!

Thank you for making it a really lovely day folks. Apologies for the shoddy haring. Timing wasn't bad though. One day when our memories have faded, I'll pretend I did that by design ;) In the meantime, if the New Moon Hash needs a run laying, there's a canny 4 mile jog through the outskirts of Stotfold already laid on.

On On to Airscrew's run in Lidlington.