Run 1070

Sunday 27 November 2011

The Three Tuns, Ashwell

Hares: Twiczer & Frau Krafty Rot


Skippy skipping, Oscar dragging and Emily and Grace leading the rest

Berry-liqueur stop went down well

Traditional DE down-down smile

I thought I would start with a piece of Skippy's school homework. She was asked to write about her hobbies:

So, to summarise per Skippy's definition - There were runners and the usual knitting circle (ever growing in number) venturing into the beautiful Ashwell countryside. Although Zebedee didn't believe that it was on-on to the right from The Three Tuns and started on a falsie - as if a hare would lie! The hares laid the trail the day before using 'posh' flour [rather than pretty flower .... scribe]. This meant straight lines only as curves proved difficult - which left them with 4's and 7's for number checks. 'Leaders' indeed ran to the back - mostly Foghorn, Five Baah and Zebedee. There were silly names galore including the skipping Skippy. Oscar was on his best behavior without Submissive and pulled Double Entry well ahead of the knitting circle. There was a special L stop in the middle of the trail, which stood for Liqueur Stop. The pack was more than happy to taste the berry liqueur and was so energized by it, that it was not interested in the shortcut. Pongo was wondering if the trail was going to be the usual, A, B, C or D but it was a new E. In the circle wine was consumed from a hash tankard much to G-string's horror as well as other 'booze'.

I think Skippy summed it up fairly well!

Down down's were awarded to Mekon, Fizzy, Shufflecock, Double Entry, Boris, Knobber and Captain F (following in Forking's footsteps by awarding himself a down-down).

On on to Studham.

Double Hashit carrier Lush

Thongo pleasantly surprised by Trail E

Capt F with self-awarded down-down