Run 1069

Sunday 20 November 2011

The Carpenters Arms, Cranfield

Hare: Limp


Get me out of here. Screamer brought her own door

New Team RA member keen to have it fondled

It would be rude not to point .....

Limp was a Royal Marine Commando for 25 years, and has run several marathons, taken part in several challenges like, the Lyke Wake walk and the 3 peaks challenge, plus many more, used to row for the national rowing team etc etc [but he doesn't like talking about it ... scribe]. Limp is always up for a challenge, good or bad. Lady Chatterley is a staff nurse at Luton and has been patching up my injuries for several years.
So what sort of run would a RM set? Assault course is a must, and as much shiggy as I can fine, if nature supplies anything it will be used, streams, ditch, hedge, puddle , hill or pond .... and of course it will be more than a half hour stroll.

The run started at the Carpenters Arms, through the assault course in the park [hash flash sends apologies he was too busy limboing and fiddling with his zoom lens to capture this true test of leroys manhood ... scribe] before taking off across the many footpath that are being made between the new areas of the new forest, having warned of a 'check back' many took off down the hill only to find the 'check back' at the bottom. Ringer said how foolish he was to run it, the trail then went to the view point, where on a good day you can see Luton, Cambridge, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Northampton, we had the fog that closed Heathrow.

It was then down hill with a good run for the FRBs around Marston Trift before taking the middle rides to the first tunnel, no one followed the trail, flour had been laid through it [do we accept the word of an rm on that ... scribe] then to the shiggy at the end of the pond, how many followed me through it, another section followed .... over the bridges to the next tunnel, flour was ignored ..... it was then on to the open water swim for all triathletes to attempt, I paddled knee need, but who followed? [oh dear looks like the wi hash are being urged to man up ... scribe]

The pack then ignored the trail, had they not done so, the trail crossed a very muddy ditch several times, before uphill to the final check , another view point on a good day to the on inn. [phew im worn out just reading it glad i wasnt there .... i wasnt was i .... scribe]

I had found a shop called LUSH, how could I not pass it without first getting a bag [hash flash did catch ringer admiring this .... scribe]

On On to the sedate charms of rural Ashwell

The hare was far too keen to have us moist

It was with great regret that the RA Boss gave Forking Notice of Redundancy

Skidmark juggled down-down and Emily