Run 1067

Sunday 6 November 2011

The Old Chequers, Gaddesden

Hares: Bangers & Son


More like Crufts than a run?

RA's surplus fills his surplice

Gorjoyce on target as ever

The Old Chequers Inn is so remote in the countryside around Hemel Hempstead that Bangers placed a road-sign for any hasher arriving in the village of Gaddesden that the pub was still a further mile and a half beyond civilisation. Considering the location it was terrific that so many turned up.
Airscrew was first to park up, closely followed by Double Entry. Private Parts arrived late, there was talk of him being on a 'hot date'. The trail started with a mass dispersal from the pub in all directions, but once into the countryside there were no more roads to cross.
The FRBs picked up the trail with Depth Charge easily identified by his billowing cape. At a hold check where Bangers had also laid a ladies check next to it, Shufflecock and Frau Kraft Rot embraced the 'Hold a Lady Check' with Ringer joining in by giving Submissive a spontaneous bear hug.
For those who like to have their head between two muffs, Twiczer was setting the fashion with her pair of fluffy black ear warmers. Legs Eleven was the rear of the hash, saving her pins for her dance exam on Wednesday, let's hope she's strictly more Aliona Villani than Anne Widdecombe.
Underlay was checking the most false trails to reclaim the falsie crown.
Spirits were high in the pub, with several plates of chips laid on. In the circle Knobber became the new hasher in black as Count Roadkill recalled his days in a store in Chicago.
Still in the wild west Gorjoyce showed she is a sharper shooter than Annie Oakley, by hitting a moving target behind her by using the eyes in the back of her head.
Subby was the first hasher to get showered whilst still in the circle. A new 18" down-down drinking device was purloined from H4 by Captain Fantaaastic, Shagpile one the first to take their medicine by it.
From this south-westerly outpost next week's run is about fifty miles north-easterly at Wrestlingworth.

White Rabbit has mentioned not to forget the 10 pin bowling on Saturday night ...

On on


Hash Flash well ahead of the pack

OK, looking good, but where's the cake?

Knobber, very impressed by Hashit