Run 1064

Sunday 23 October 2011

The Engineers Arms, Henlow

Hares: Boris & Private Parts


Pondering the phallic check

Ernst Stavro "Rapid" Blofeld finds Boris likes to stroke her own pussy

Guilty look I think Underlay

A motley crew of Hashers assembled outside the Engineers Arms, Henlow on a sunny Sunday morning, day 4 of the Henlow Beer Festival - hence some were feeling looking less than perky...though this was apparently not the reason Submissive was running late (if you believe that then you'll believe anything).
There were announcements from Captain F and a birthday for Boris followed by The Count excitably brandishing the beer festival menu saying he'd "nearly finished it!!!" (turns out it was just the crossword...not the entire beer list - marks deducted for poor effort).
So eventually the assorted runners and knitters and everyone in between set off, round the corner and down a couple of falsies leading in the direction of Arse-ly...followed by a number check at The Grange before confusing the pack with the usual falsie up away from the village which actually turned out to be the real trail. A couple more number checks and the stragglers caught up as we made our way round the back of Henlow fishing lakes and on to the first of the hares' 'experimental checks' and Underlay realised she had mislaid Shagpile...
Confusion reigned as many tried to work out what this bizarre symbol must mean...turns out the artistic creation depicting the male form phallic symbol meant that the boys had to check it out for once. This was followed by great protestations from Captain F, Count Roadkill and various others as they realised it was most certainly a false trail, but after some chivvying the boys (and a few boys of the opposite sex, minus Boris) all eventually made it up to the cabbages, "smelt like a boy check to me" commented Twiczer.
After the very long false trail (but very purty don't you agree??) it was on on up the main path towards Langford, with Lady Pee nearly facing a number check just before the sadly closed Boot pub, then up the road and back towards Henlow across the fields. The pack got strung out along the long paths and in a dramatic turn of events Lush BK was seen RUNNING AT THE FRONT despite not turning up in appropriate attire!
With the knitters bringing up the rear the pack passed some ponies, crossed yet more fields and through a small gap in the hedge where they happened upon a check for Pussies...who was well back in the field and didn't arrive until Rapid had already been in Boris's back entrance to find Coco, who incidentally didn't appear too amused by the rabble...who then proceeded to bob [PP says scrump but image not so good .. Scribe & Boris] for apples ('s nearly Halloween).

Past The Dead Boot at funereal pace

Edwina caught scrumping tasty apples

Deca for Mouldy & Boris, who's getting a
taste for it by now

Edwina proved to be a dab hand with a broom stick and soon enough silence descended upon the countryside as Hashers stuffed their faces with apples on their way to a spooky held check outside the churchyard. With the whiff of on inn tantalisingly close the pack sped round the last few twists and turns before slipping down the recently sluiced Engineer's back passage (Private Parts commented it was much more comfortable than the day before) and to the bar!
The selection of beers was limited since Twiczer, Shufflecock, Depth Charge, Count Roadkill and both hares had drunk the place dry over the preceding week, but despite this and after sampling some apple and blackberry crumble* the circle began. Down downs for the hares (x 2 for Boris due to birthday), Lush BK (for being an FRB), Shagpile & Underlay for losing the plot (and each other), Depth Charge (for running I think) and Deca mugs for Mouldy Auld Shite and Boris.
On on to the new moon Hash (PP promises not to lay the same trail - although it'll be dark so you'll never know) followed by Hastings Hash Run or The George IV (Baldock).

PP & Boris
*HOW GOOD WAS BORIS' CRUMBLE? £10.86 raised for Charity, that's how good.