Run 1063

Sunday 16 October 2011

The Hare & Hounds, Old Warden (A)

The White Horse, Broom (B)

Hares: Shuffle Cock & Private Parts


Circle near enough to The Hare & Hounds

Rose lined green cross code

Bus Mad If being submissive

Gone Spring surveys the new family home

In the 20 years since H5 Run 1 there have been great advances in technology. To demonstrate the benefits of this, all hash names in these Wurdz have been spell-checked to ensure accuracy...
A bright, warm and sunny day greeted a good sized opening circle - clearly team RA had been busy making the meteorological arrangements. There were so many hashers present that it took several accountants much of the afternoon to count them all on the run list. Our esteemed HM, Minger called the circle to order and introduced birthdays. It was noted that one of our number, 5-Bras had been present at run 1 all those years ago.
The trail looped around the back of Old Warden, where Slippy was spotted among the FRBs, before heading up the hill into the woods, where Shafting Cock was waiting with a number check for the FrB's, including Death Barge, Sniff Mo and Crap Stain Fantasy. There followed a pleasant run / jog / amble / knit through the forest, with the pack making several excursions to points of interest at the end of false trails - such as Queen Mary's summerhouse and the Keeper's cottage.
The trail through the woods ended and everyone, including Doris Fecker, Lost Bag Knackers and Trouble Entering, opted to do the full route, rather than the short cut. The full route turned out to be a false trail, and once everyone had rejoined the main route there was a succession of numbers, plus a special check for Creamer. The pack arrived at the White Horse in Broom perfectly to time, ready for beer and a good buffet lunch.
Rabid With Dread presented his latest sermon with his fearless assistant, Ferkin Dock Chore. Gone-Spring reached 250 runs, and was awarded with a small marquee in the shape of a pair of shorts.
Meanwhile the Fart Controlling lost control of his legs and Melon (another who survived Run 1) turned up - only 1.5 hours late.
She was just in time to enjoy the culinary delights of Twizzler, Laddy P [shure its not spelt laid pea .. scribe] and FC who brought cake. The light hearted bake off was officially won by Twizzler, although the real winners were the consumers. Frown Kinky Pot was also commended as she often presents fine cake for us all.
Throughout the run there were a series of letters in squares, spelling a word that is dear to the hearts of hashers. Including the 'C' that was put in the circle, the 'O' from on-inn and the letters found on the trail and on falsies, the word was "Callipygous". A number of hashers guessed the word might be "Alcohol" - a good guess, as that too is dear to our hearts, and sometimes alcohol is the answer......actually, it's next week's answer as we're running from the Engineers Arms beer festival.
Privet Pots
PS - Count Roadkill had to be removed from this week's words, as his spell-checked name was not suitable for publishing...

The H5 Cake Bakers were in top form and will Bake On for Charity

20 years on, H5 need 5-Bras

Nice of Queen Mary to think of us

Worldy Auk Shiite in Birthday Pose

Fart C and TE also up for posing