Run 1062

Sunday 9 October 2011

The Coach & Horses, Biggleswade

Hare: Depth Charge


Caution, knitting circle inaction

Edwina 123 FRBing

Nameless Newbee Down-Down

It seems I've done nothing but run this month, having not attended any of September's Hashes due to National kayaking competition followed by a 5K run, and then a 10k run, which I do believe some other H5 hashers ran too [yellow card dc, you are giving an entirely false impression of h5 ... scribe].
Having laid the trail on Saturday evening, I wasn't best pleased to hear rain overnight, so I ran the route again and re-laid the flour. That meant that with the Hash, I'd run this route three times this weekend, having already run it twice the previous two weekends [very ott i've half a mind to stop this now... scribe].
As well as that Count Roadkill and Ringer weren't going to attend, so that meant I had to take photos as well as try and remember everything that happened for the Wurdz too. As the photos show, I have the same aptitude for photography as David Bailey has for all in Wrestling!
Circle up and we have Birthday girl Flick (9 this coming Friday) and 1 newbie, Mini Mo's other half. Many apologies but I can't remember his name, but took a photo of his down-down. Due to being the only Hare, I provided a map to Kisses in case any of the knitting circle needed direction. This proved to be un-needed as the Hash arrived back pretty much together. I am under strict instructions that we MUST be back at the pub by 12:00 and the circle MUST be completed before 13:00 as Mekon has to collect stroppy son from Rugby in Letchworth - who am I to argue!!
The on-out took us towards the A1, before turning sharply onto the Potton Road. The pack kept pretty much together with the FRBs finding a few short false trails before the first Held Check. Despite the previous nights rain it was proving to be a very warm run indeed, this attested to by Underlay, who proceeded to remove a fair bit of underlay!! Others too were feeling the heat notably Mekon, who had a pair of knickers on her head and various other articles of clothing, that she said weren't her own.
Up towards Furzenhall and Zebedee found quite a few numbers as did Submissive and Oscar, PP, Capt F and Leroy. With all these numbers we had a change at the front with Frau, It's Megmerelda and Skidmark seen as FRBs! After the next check, luckily Lush BK didn't take one of the false trails as earlier it had been wall to wall cows, and after the last trail I laid, I'd have got what for, I'm sure!
The next check was especially for the Fat Controller, train track complete with lights that he waved us across. A quick dash across the common and the On-Inn is found (I had laid another mile of trail, but was being a bit optimistic - and I'd seen cows that way too).

Is that FC running?

A crossing just for the Fat Controller

Can you smell baby oil?

Whilst waiting for the circle a couple of interesting conversations were overheard, namely the knickers on Mekon's head and a quote by Edwina 123 who thought that Skidmark smelt of baby oil and wondering if she was indeed mother to young children or if she and G-String had some sort of fetish thing going on?
Down-Downs for a lazy Hare, an aging Flick (along with birthday bumps), an un-named newbie.
Submissive was awarded the Good Craic, Hasher in Black (nicely laundered by Double Entry) and the hashes again, purely because she forgot to run with the hashes and because PP felt like it.
More downs for Shufflecock, who nearly got soaked by It's Megmerelda, Submissive and Capt F. There was also talk of the 'W' word so Underlay and Fat Controller, were joined by Leroy, PP, Shagpile, Capt F for giving a piggy back to Flick, the latter who then proceeded to chase PP round the pub grounds trying to soak him.

On On to next weeks Historic 20 year milestone brought to us by the equally historic PP and Shufflecock. The venue is an A to B run starting at the Hare and Hounds in Old Warden and finishing at the White Horse in Broom. We want to have as few cars at Old Warden as possible, so a park and ride from Broom is being organised.

Depth Charge
[scribe's note ... i hope cardiac and other fans of english egg chasing will note the home nation flag missing from the pub picture because it was sent off early in the game]