Run 1061

Sunday 2 October 2011

The Castle, Tring & Go Ape

Hares: Forking & Ringer


Beautiful vale marred only by confused hash

Great to see Rajah back with the Indian summer

Deca mug for MKH3's very own Leroy

Too darn hot, Tring Park - a bit out of the normal H5 territory, but chosen as a handy place from which to head on to the Wendover goApe after the run - was the destination for hash No 1061; only 5 to go to the Hastings hash, Shuffle. A welcome was made to visitors Mini Mo, Juices Flowing and London Fag who opened his account by wearing the Birthday hat in the sweltering heat. A warm welcome, about 29.9 degrees, was made for Rajah on his return.

Once in the shade of the woods Leroy caught up, his horn heard first before he was seen. At least Lady Pee thought he was co-ordinated, his upstairs curtains top matching his downstairs curtains shorts. Up the hill under the shade of the trees there was a phallic obelisk on the path. Also there was a number check to catch Count Roadkill, Rapid Withdrawal and Private Parts. There was also a Summer house deeper in the woods, probably a cast off bit of the Rothschilds estate garden furniture. At the lady check it was Submissive and Oscar who against the run of play picked the correct route. A foreign marking from a H4 trail was not going to confuse the H5 crowd. The hash stretched out along the top track. There was then a downhill finish from the Ridgeway path, a well walked trail for long distance treckers on a return visit, Bangers'n'Madge. There was a field of cows, some with horns, waiting for Lush. In her abscence they had to be happy with Tarzan, Thongo and Twiczer to be the rear of the hash.

The circle was brief, Leroy's 10-run mug, Lost Cause's indoctrination into the Pilots' Club, a Strictly Cum Dancing dance off between Capt. F and Fat C, and somehow Minge Topiary was mentioned. Next week's run is at The Coach & Horses, Biggleswade with Depth Charge.

Forking DC & (3rd choice co-hare) Ringer

PS Unfortunately neither the Scribe nor the Asst Scribe will be at the Biggleswade run next week, so could some kind hasher please take some pics (including one of the pub) and email them to Don't assume someone else will do it - please take a camera; more pics is better than no pics.
Happy snappy.

Newbees share a birthday

Capt F & Fat C in Dance Off

Lost Cause wonders what he is doing here

And then we Went Ape ....

Forking reveals the safety equipment he must wear for the protection of harriettes, Shuffle Cock walks between the tree tops, Twiczer looks for a helping hand, Lady Pee demonstrates one method of landing from a zip-wire ride, while Submissive uses a more text book approach even going for the text book smile, and an unidentified ape sneaks up behind Shuffle in the team photo.