Run 1058

Sunday 11 September 2011

Bear 'All, Knebworth

Hares: PP & The Count


Lush, on her bike again at last

Our best-ever DE photo

Cakebakers put Forking in the mix

EXTRACT FROM RULES: "...Marks will be given for wit, originality and taste .....Things to find ...... A piece of Cake (extra marks for taste, freshness ...) .. A glass of real ale (marks for flavour, colour and smoothness).."
RESULTS: Lady P would have received high marks for the quality and range of her cakes but unfortunately, suffering from excess Croatia, she was not biking. The Count would have received very high marks for his portrait "Vision behind bar at Strathmore" but as a judge he too missed out.
Crash Test Dummies (It's Megmerelda and Shagpile & Underlay, in tandem) were awarded an early 2 points and an SJC (Special Judges Commendation) for the quality of their spicy-hot cheesy biscuits. However lack of enthusiasm with the camera, an unwillingness to spend their time at The Strathmore Arms looking at the ceiling, and a complete failure to bribe the judges with beer meant they finished in last place with 48 Points.
The Peckerettes (Pecker, Hash Bike, Twiglet, Splinter & Knotch) received high discretionary marks and an SJC for the spirit with which they approached the day as well as the originality of their largely inedible but spontaneous cake. However their failure to understand that mobile phones take photos restricted them to 53 Points.
Running on Diesel (Double Entry, Submissive, Edwina 123 and Lush) were virtually word-perfect on nearly all answers and even original with some (SJC for a clever play on words with Laura in France, and extra marks for revealing the date Subby lost her cherry): they scored a maximum on Strathmore pump clips, but were limited on cake, seemed reluctant to supply the judges with beer and had a poor anagram. Overall they tried too hard and (we could tell and punished them accordingly) at least 3/4 of them wanted to win just by knowing the answers. 69 points and joint second.
Blessed were The Cake Bakers (Twiczer, Frau Krafty Rot and Shuffle Cock): they had a much better understanding of what the judges wanted, in terms of cake at least - Frau's dead-fly cake was rated exceptional and received an SJC. They also received extra points for themed second answers, all relating to Forking (e.g. "Who conceived on the green at Old Knebworth? - Bangers & Mrs Bangers"). The judges liked this almost as much as having cake thrust upon them. 69 points and a share in second place.
Gutbusters (Knobber, Spotted Dick and Custard) presented generally good answers and received an SJC for the originality of their pictures, especially All-Nighter and Flora and Fauna. The complete absence of cake gave the judges cause for concern but their effort was saved at the 2nd beer stop, The Lytton Arms. Oscar Wilde, the CAMRA Champion Beer 2011, was available and Knobber took the opportunity to help the judges sample a pint, earning the two points required to give his team an outright win on 70. What a shame he had to cycle off before the prize presentation. No doubt SD&C are looking for him ....


The 2nd beer stop (where were you FC?)

Sweetners for the Judges

2/3rds of Gutbusters celebrate