Run 1055

Monday 22 August 2011

The Boater, Luton

Hares: Five Baah & Ringer


Words...those shimmering pearls sat on on a silver line of text. Words...with the power to move us to tears or joy or to fill our hearts with pride. Words...ok I'll stop there, it was only a run after all. Only a run? It was a magnificent run. It must have been, we heard it described as such from no less an authority than Pongo himself, courtesy of The Count.

This being the last Monday evening run of the current season, the Hares were mindful of the need to be back at the pub before darkness fell and not to follow the example of last year's equivalent run. So many of our recent runs have seen us yolloping across the dreary open fields and dark woods of Hertfordshire, we thought it would gladden the hearts of Hashers to be given a tour of the vibrant urban landscape and interlinking green spaces of North Luton. Even before the run began, the camaraderie of the local population was apparent - the pub landlord asked that two of our cars be parked inside his car park rather than being left outside, most welcoming.

At the opening circle, newbie Steve was welcomed to the Hash, sponsored by Boris. There were no birthdays, anniversaries and suchlike to celebrate, so it was quickly over to the Hares, who in turn were keen not to delay the On Out any longer than necessary. "A free-running run, with not much to hold you up" Hashers were advised (we only laid two number fish-hooks). "If you find you need to cross any major roads, you're probably going off-trail" was further advice, so without more ado the pack set off to find the trail.

Ringer goes OTT

Bell End rides off into the sunset

Shagpile gets 600 Run brolly

First on dust was Underlay who led the pack down Icknield Way, but like most, completely missed the small pathway to the left. Crossing a small children's play park [it's the park that's small, not the children; big bu***rs they are - Dep Ed.], Bell End muttered about false dust markings but was advised to "get over it" - they weren't wrong, he just didn't pick up the trail properly. At a T-junction, the pack checked left and right, but found Ts in both directions; the correct trail was along along the top of the bank at the side of the playing field, on which a nubile ladies' football match was in progress - keep your mind on looking for the dust Shagpile! Fortunately(?) we didn't need to cross the pitch, going round it would suffice. The grass pathways around the playing fields here are neatly mowed and pleasingly free of canine detritus.

Here's how to cause utter confusion: at a check have one hare stand on one side of the road and the other stand on the opposite side! The pack checked in all directions, including back in the same direction they'd just come from, ignoring the major road which was the correct trail: Nunnery Lane, past the attractive Moat House pub, at one time a favourite lunchtime haunt of one of the hares, but many, many years ago.

This is local territory for Nik-Nak, sufficiently so that she could walk to the pub, so it was a delight to hear her say "I didn't know this was here" as we ran across Fallowfield to the path along the side of the once mighty River Lea, but which water extraction has now reduced to mere trickle of its former self.

And so it was back to the pub up along the New Bedford Road, but dodging off it and rejoining further along, with a final run around another of the green space scrublands that have been left for nature to (successfully) adorn.

Down-downs were awarded to the Hares and newbie Steve who, after proclaiming down-downing to be "a piece of cake", refused alcohol and in the absence of a 'softy' was obliged to 'wear' it on his head - Boris what are you thinking of? Capt F was reunited with one of his tankards (again) which devious RA Rapid Withdrawal had swapped with that belonging to sleepy RA Forkin' Dickchair two weeks previously - neither of them had noticed! Shagpile became only the 3rd Hfiver to pass the 600-run mark and was rewarded with a magnificent gamp (see pic, also the hair which he claimed was exactly how he looked in the 70s). Ringer was charged with invading the personal space of co-hare Five Baah and Linda by sitting down after the run to talk with them!!!! [BTW isn't it about time Linda was named, Team RA?] and Boris will carry the Good Crack award next week.

On-On to next week's Bank Holiday run, starting at 16.00 from
The Anchor Inn, Apsley Guise.

Ringer and Five Baah

Newbee Simon before down-down debacle

Shagpile with the hair he always wanted

FRB award as Boris carries the can for Newbee