Run 1053

Monday 8 August 2011

The Millstream, Hitchin

Hares: Shagpile & It's Megmerelda


Nik Nak's poem hit the right note

PP takes the Hare's trail hint

50 Run Tankard for SAS

After extensive planning of our route (printing an online map just before going out to lay it) Shagpile and It's Megmerelda head out on a sunny Monday afternoon to lay the trail. Clear in mind was the On Out, the On Inn and exploring Wymondley Woods somewhere in the middle......until Chief 'Petty' Officer control freak Shagpile appeared, making all sorts of executive decisions without consultation! In case you're was those 'executive decisions' which meant we didn't get to the woods and instead enjoyed the delights of walking down a tarmac road with no pavement...of course, when realising the error, it was we've got it wrong.
Once the hash was laid and quality control had been checked at The Millstream with a swift pint, Shagpile was off home to see what he could achieve in 35 minutes! [we forgot to ask Underlay what that was .. ed] Meanwhile, It's Megmerelda prepared for the hash ... with a nap. Once the hares and Underlay had enjoyed pre-birthday hash drinks, it was on to The Millstream for the main event.
Many people indulge in the art of people watching but Double Entry's frenzied people counting, as hashers sporadically appear in the car park, is unrivalled. Circling up as counted (as though we're animals!) Truly Scrumpcious takes control of the rabble with a firm tone. A beautifully read poem from Nik Nak, in memory of Carly, kicks off the evening, then birthday and anniversary celebrators make themselves known.
The pack set off at a brisk pace, crossing the road and into a field of cows, led by Depth Charge, Private Parts, Underlay and Count Roadkill. A check caused a brief delay and then it was up the hill. Some confusion arose shortly thereafter as Shagpile called PP back from a check believing it to be part of the return leg of the trail. Confusion had arisen due to the pints and wine consumed just before the run!
The trail led past an old mill and alongside River Purwell all the way to the Wymondley Road - somewhere that was not part of the planned route. It should be pointed out that the 'executive decisions' previously referred to were the result of the 'puter printed map being distorted which made the trail laying difficult. Luckily one hare was capable of making such decisions which rescued the situation and resulted in a decent run.
A long stretch through the fields stretched the pack, which needed a held check to enable a regroup. Local knowledge nearly tripped up Gorjoyce and Thongo as they were determined to head off in the most direct, but the wrong way to the pub. They caught up as the pack set off up the hill with Capt F and Cardiac at the fore. All that was left was the run down hill and back to the pub, but a few sneaky bar checks decoyed the FRBs away from the real trail. Smelling beer, a few who should know better, short cut the last part of the trail and ran back in.
Down-downs were awarded etc. [such attention to detail is down-down worthy in itself .. ed] until rain stopped play.

On On
It's Megmerelda and Shagpile
[you can guess who wrote which bits .. ed]

Happy Birthday

Happy Anniversary ..?

Frau .. sleeps with old man