Run 1052

Monday 1 August 2011

The Three Horseshoes, Hooks Cross

Hares: Lady P and The Count


Double ban for Forking?

Scoobie looks for water as Double thinks she is out of range

Stallion FRBs into the sunset

Lovely warm Monday evening at last .. lucky wasp makes beeline for the inside of Mekon's top, Shagpile to rescue .. birthdays for Gorjoyce and Thongo .. Forking keen to be photographed in front of new Stevenage FC training ground (not?) .. wrong camera Grommit .. Lady P's "1 in 8" check as confusing as you would expect .. liberal use of Stewardship Areas .. a bit of fun on footpath in someone's garden .. no water for Scoobie so he waters trail in front of shocked Submissive .. spread out hash not helped by a missed number check and another rubbed out .. when the number came it really hurt, long way to back .. not short trail (3.5 miles basic) but first on inn in 54 minutes .. another "runner's run" (quote from Pecker) ... "excellent run" says Pongo praise indeed .. Lady P serves choice of fine cake .. Frau and Twiczer absent rumoured on baking workshop .. circle the size of Stonehenge .. RA launches ice attack on Double Entry .. Submissive and Lady P plot revenge but just miss out .. Newbee Steve admits teetotal, trouble for sponsor Private Parts .. Scoobie refuses to join terrapins shock, beer for him .. down down for Mekon clearly stung twice by the wasp in her top .. Shagpile forgot running pumps and takes drink .. team RA take beer each, cause confusion .. Forking awards his to Cardiac, not even there .. Stallion takes FRB award for nearly making the front just like in the good old days .. and ..

.. I may fill in the gaps if I get a mo ..


Donations are coming in for Keech Hospice in memory of Nik Nak's daughter Carly. Please don't forget yours to Hash Cash or Hash Banker please.

On on to The Millstream, Hitchin.

for Lady P

Birthdays for the kids

Contortionist Double battles ice attack and cameraphobia

Down down for twin attack on Mekon front