Run 1051

Monday 25 July 2011

The Rose & Crown, Ridgemont

Hares: Forking & Rapid


The HM dedicated this run to the memory of Nik Nak's daughter Carly who, last Saturday at a tragically young age, finally gave way after a long and brave fight against cancer. This picture shows Carly with husband Paul at the Christening of their son Jamie only a few weeks ago. The thoughts of H5 are with Gill and her family at this sad and difficult time.

H5 will be arranging a donation to Keech Hospice in the next few weeks and Hash Cash will accept contributions.

A line you could see from space?

Birthday Hat for Stallion

Too many lemonade down-downs?

Was it a work of art up for the Turner prize, was it the world's longest line of coke, could it be the first hash marking to be visible from space or was it just that Forking hadn't realised his bag of flour was leaking.
Atomic Titten was one of the first to arrive, Shagpile was already at the bar having a swift pre-hash warm up beer. At circle up a sombre hash learnt of Nik Nak's bereavement.

As a joint run with MKH3 it was nice that at least Limp showed up in his cricket whites, denying he had anything more to do with MK. Stallion announced his birthday so wore the matching hat for the occasion. A warm welcome was made to Sophia, as in Loren. After a word from the hares the first on-on was a long one, about 150 yards of flour laid up to a Tee.

It was then a downhill start around a small spinney. Where there had the day before been a field of corn up to ones chest was now a freshly harvested field. Skippy was working on a hot tip that there was flour down the track accross the field of stubble and she for once took over as FRB.

Private Parts soon sped past, and on up over the bridge across the M1. Several number checks kept the hash in order, Underlay, Edwina 123, Depth Charge and Count Roadkill returning to the back, some more than once, as the route moved onwards to Beckerings Park.

En route the leaking flour bag was emptying itself again, so was hastily employed as a hashit and promptly awarded to Sophia. Frau Kraft Rot looked on despairing at the two little girls caked in powder spluttering ' I've still got to return her home in decent nick'.

Down the Bunyan way Submissive and Lady Pee noticed the whiff of manure in the air as Rapid Withdrawal denied it was his new aftershave. The route turned left onto the Green Sand Ridge Way, Captain Fantastic held the check, probably the last thing on his mind was his forthcoming ear syringe op.

The ruins of Saint Forkin the Roofless stood forlornly in Segenhoe. Standing forlornly at his lectern St Forkin couldn't entice Double Entry, Twizer or Pussies Galore in through his rear entrance.

At the end Ringer was fleeced after doing 400 runs, and summing it all up as Frau put it "Pongo would have enjoyed it because there was a bit of a pong"

Don't miss the next run at the Three Horseshoes, Hooks Cross.

On On

Following Skippy through the stubble

St Forkin the Ruthless, forlorn with Private

400 Run Award for Ringer