Run 1050

Monday 18 July 2011

The Two Chimneys, Letchworth

Hare: Pecker


555, 666, 777, 888 and 999.
All together "I am not a number"

Mulled wine stop enjoyed by all

250 Run Award for Bell End

Annual Birthday hash run from Pecker, sounds like a good 'un, however with weekend full of merryment, had to lay the trail the same day, so maybe not.
Owing to a met office forecast, rain followed by more rain, showers or no showers, the H5 run had to be trailed into the Hertfordshire wilderness. A little trivia for you, is Fairfield Park in Herts or Beds?
Some 55 minutes later laying the trail, a bit damper for my efforts, the hash is placed, only the school run to do, job done. Apart from re-laying some of the trail that washed away.
Banking on using the hash wordz from last year, for the same run & venue would save time. But owing to the good turn out and my hard drive crashing that curtailed that one. And so had to start again at 11.30pm feeling a little worse for wear having had a boozy couple of nights, it's a hard life but someones got to do it.
Being the only hare, what did happen, a runners run, so plenty of turn backs number checks planned. Keeping the Hash together would be a challenge owing to the 3KM out & back, managed to up until the on inn.
We had a lovely held check at the local outdoor Lido, Blue lagoon Arlesey with a warm Birthday drinkee for Pecker.
On back to the Two Chimneys just as the heavens opened. Some birthday cake down downs. Who got what ? Hare - Birthday boy's Pecker, Roadkill, Bangers - Bell End 250th - Gorjoyce - Double Entry - Pecker again. Hope you enjoyed.
In the words of our Pongo, history & mystery all on our door step. Fairfield Park, developed since 2004 with 100 years history & 29 hashers who manage to escape the asylum.

OnOn Pecker

Blue Lagoon View

Birthdays for Bangers, The Count and Hare Pecker

Another Red Wine incident for Lush