Run 1047

Monday 27 June 2011

The March Hare, Dunton

Hare: PP (& Lush ?)


When you need a Harriette to check it out, who do you get?...

.. returning from another false trail

A rare full frontal of DE

Hot day, so thought it best to keep things short. Sleepy Hollow provided checkout services for the aquisition of flour.
Lush came along for a walk while I laid the trail - but was short on memory to remember the route. She did recall seeing a hare (the type with big floppy ears, as opposed to the type with bags of flour) running across the field.

We were short of GM and HMs so Shagpile stood in (neither the Count nor Double Entry seemed overly keen to take on the circle).
Introductions were brief, and it was on out down a narrow footpath.
Shaggy and Cardiac made it along for the first time for a while.
Trail was on the short side, we were back at the pub after about 45 minutes for selection of Ales. Shuffle awarded down-downs (and received one himself), Submissive received her certificate from the recent H5x4 challenge and various others received beverages for various perceived (read: "imagined") misdemeanours.


Scribe's Note: Airscrew also dared to make it along for the first time since he failed to submit his Wurdz (1040). I was not inclined to forgive him until I read PP's "effort". But let's be fair: it was hot, and he is going away ...... however

Shaggy going for gold ....

.. but the old knee lets him down

Is the circle getting a bit girlie?