Run 1045

Monday 13 June 2011

The Three Horseshoes, Norton

Hare: Pecker


Capt F admits to another birthday

Forking survives 10 years of marriage

And a 500 Run Award for Gorjoyce

Majestic and cultured summed up by Pongo. So my run was short, but plenty of traps for the FRBs. Problem being back hare and not seeing very much, short wordzzzz guaranteed.

We all gathered 19.32. Capt F asked the excellent turn out for Birthdays & Anniversaries to be announced. He, nominated himself for a birthday and Forking Dickchair for an anniversary: hat awarded, we welcome the hare.

Pecker pointed out that the hash was laid the same day. Fresh, bread quality flour marked the run estimated time arrival back at the Shoes, 40 minutes.

After some late arrivals, a run out to a style almost as old Norton village.

Number checks - loop backs - held checks, plentiful trails on two very well laid checks. And all the falseees were run.

Arrived back just on the 20.20 chime, we all stayed together pretty much, enjoying some social walking with some running thrown in.

Down down for the hare, Birthday drinky for Capt F, Anniversary drinky for Forking, 500th run for Gorjoyce. Misdemeanours: Gorjoyce lost property - Shagpile for being himself - Zebedee for just being keen - Lady P awarded the FRB award for being clever helping the pack out at a tricky checkpoint.

ON ON to the next Pecker run 18th July 2 Chimneys Letchworth.

Hash off guard: there're thieves about

Team RA unveil a "missing" tankard ..

.. and perversely a single "lost" glove
(What will they steal next? Car keys?)