Run 1044

Monday 6 June 2011

The Fox, Pirton

Hares: Gorjoyce & Thongo


Magnificent views of the countryside were enjoyed on this false trail according to..

.. the FRBs - and who would dare argue with them?

Expecting a much depleted pack after the rigors of the H5X4 Challenge the hares decided that a short run up the hills would be most appropriate. Having succeeded in completing the Challenge, Submissive was taking no prisoners from any who dared question the increased subs of £2.00. Pussies Galore was running late as normal and turned up just as the pack was just off exploring the labyrinth of alley ways before arriving at the village green. Spotted Dick seemed hooked on alleys and tore off into a dark corner before his way was blocked by a kangaroo but giving a puffing Pussies time to catch up.
A few hardy hashers lead the way followed by a weary knitting circle prodded along by The Count with his new forked end stick. Ringer sportingly checked out many false trails before being bitten by a badger but managed to continue.
On one short falsie magnificent views of the countryside were enjoyed by most but Custard and Smegmerelda just continued running down hill. Custard must have thought we were running to old H4 rules having convinced herself she had past 3 dobs of flour and laboured back up hill complaining. And so we continued into the broad sunlight uplands with Underlay and Submissive back checking at every mark. Poor Lady P seemed to be suffering from yesterdays efforts and didn't notice the elephant flying above the rhubarb trees. Pirton Village soon came into sight and off galloped Lush BK, Double Entry and Twiczer to be first back to the Fox only to be beaten by apr´s Capt F.

A relaxing few drinks were enjoyed in the warmth of the evening before the pack tiptoed around the dogs muck to form a circle. Down downs were awarded to stubble chops Stallion and The Count for working whist hashing.


(back hare, saw nothing) and Gorjoyce (high on home-made poppy seed hash)

Pirton village coming into sight: time for Lush BK to start galloping?

Shagpile wonders what those witches could have put into this brew.