Run 1041

Monday 16 May 2011

The Greyhound, Haynes

Hare: Capt Fantaastic


Now this is one of my favourite pubs, so I set off to lay the run with relish. Only problem was that the weather did not quote live up to recent times as it was a tad moist. That said the countryside was stunning so the weather did not dampen my spirits. After the previous record breaking two hour epic run from the Greyhound, I decided to rein it back a bit and resort to some of the paths more usually trodden.

The HM called the circle and our returnee (Cunning Linguist) was warmly welcomed back. Depth Charge also admitted to having reached yet another annual milestone. The HM also announced that the Greyhound was now the most visited hash venue. As this is probably pretty much down to by me, I feel impelled to apologise for the lack of imagination on my part. The run was pretty uneventful, but we did take a small detour as we passed by Mocassin's house just to castigate her for not making an appearance on her 'local' run...

The run went pretty much to plan. However, at the top end of the village I have to admit to getting slightly confused as I forgot the route for a few seconds (I hope no-one noticed). I think I let Underlay check out a road thinking that she was on the correct trail, whereas it was actually on the road that ran parallel to hers. A few of the knitting circle took the short-cut whilst the majority went on the longer route. This was a fairly long detour which by its very nature required a cluster of numbered checks just to keep the pack together. These were accepted in the most part with good grace by the pack, with only one or two minor grumblings heard. It also gave Stallion the opportunity to demonstrate his improved fitness level with some excellent FRBing prowess.

Returnee Cunning Linguist

"Gather ye round, Hashers"

The knitting circle and main group arrived at the held check at the bottom of the hill pretty much at the same time with the exception of a few stragglers. Most notably Karmen Suits Ja, whose excuse for not taking the short-cut option was that she needed the exercise in order to tighten up her rear end. After a quick examination I could not detect any flaws, which was also confirmed by a quick straw poll by the gathered ensemble. The hare was getting worried that stretching group out far, so he made an attempt to lay a numbered which was totally ignored by FRBs. At ladies check the lovely trio of Nik-Nak, Underlay & Submissive set about the task of finding the correct trail. Once the correct trail was found the group set off hot foot after Nik-Nak, but unfortunately Forking Dickchair had to resort to taking the short cut after turning his foot when he stumpled into a big hole. Just to précis the run. It was slightly short (55mins which I think you will agree is much closer to the norm than my previous attempt from the Greyhound). There were plenty of numbered checks, a couple of ladies' checks and a veteran's check. The scenery was magnifico and the pack stayed pretty much together.

Down-Downs were liberally awarded by team RA, only some of which I can recall so apologies to the swathe of you that got a down-down but no mention. Down downs were awarded to the usual culprits for losing stuff (Capt F was obviously one). Fat Controller was also re-united with mini-FC and his colander. Ringer was awarded a down-down for being anal [an anorak actually: Asst Ed] (i.e. even bothering to find out which run venue is the most visited). Cunning Linguist got her richly deserved down-down for not having turned up in recent times. Depth Charge was awarded his birthday drink. Mocassin got a down-down for not paying attention to the web page and hence not turning up at her local run. The hare awarded Submissive the Good Crack award in order to slow her down so she doesn't run quite so far on the falsies next week.

Capt F.
ON-ON to Run 1042 from the Fox Inn, Willian, brought to you by Zebedee & Depth Charge.

"I do hope this isn't a falsie"

Submissive is rewarded for
running falsies too fast

FRB... knit one, purl one... après

FC & Mini-FC are reunited... are three tankards. But for how long?

Kneel Rebecca, arise Boris