Run 1039

Monday 2 May 2011
The Robin Hood & Little John,
Rabley Heath

Hares: Spotted Dick & Custard


The Hares arrived at the RH&LJ at 15:30 on a windy but gin-clear Bank Holiday Monday hoping to be in time to usher all the Hash cars into the field adjoining the pub (the new publican didn't wish to sully his tidy car park with rif-hash-raf apparently. Completely ignoring Custard, Double Entry was insistent that accountants don't count as rif-raf so parked in there anyway.
As the Hares took up their car parking attendant duties they were encouraged to see that Ringer was already there and well through his first pint, his "Get out of Jail Free" card had started early although he was bemoaning the fact that it was McMullens - he hadn't found the Royal Wedding Ale the Landlord had got stashed away. The Hash trickled steadily in until we had a nice crowd gathered for the off spot on 1600hrs.

The traditional yellow fields of Herts

The well co-ordinated Peckerettes soon master show-jumping

FRB Ringer

Lady P and Frau Krafty Rot only admitted to birthdays under duress and Lady P was most reluctant to fetch the hat. I didn't see her wearing it though! The Hares advised of the busy local road and a few horse infestations and the Hash was off. A great milling around took place as the Hash appeared to carry out a Maypole dance around the road sign outside the pub. A couple of good falsies caught out the FRBs until the on was called out towards Old Knebworth. A quick warm up along the road and the Hash went straight into the footpath on the left totally ignoring Spotted Dick's elaborate falsie which would have lead them towards the Lytton Arms. Still The Fat Controller was keen to check whether there were any beer stops perhaps he could detect the faint aroma of McMullens still as we passed downwind of the RH&LJ?
The open fields allowed the FRBs to gain some ground and split the pack as they chased across to Sally Deards Lane. Sally was a witch apparently who lived somewhere near the first health check. The pack caught up and the Hares called the "check it out", Underlay was easily fooled by Spotted Dick with a little dust to continue North to a bar check but Count Roadkill and a few FRBs swiftly hit the trail off towards Codicote and across the rapeseed fields. A six way path junction in the hollow caught out the FRBs and a lot of milling and hesitation took place. The Hares caught up and added a SC for the SCBs but there were no takers.
The sun was shining and life was pleasant as the Hash gathered for the second Health Check. A Mutt walker picked up one of her small charges stating that it would have a go at the lot of us. It weighed about 4 pints. No match for the Hash Mutts I would say. Slow to leave the HC the Hash eventually caught the scent heading back towards Rabley Heath Road. Suddenly the lark song was rudely interrupted by the piping tones of a mobile, its clarion call issuing from Captain F no less. The look on his face was not however horror at his transgression but concern - he quickly ascertained the short way back to the pub and sped off. Hope the problem was not too serious [it wasn't .... ed].
The hash quickly found the trail by the Garden Centre and followed the snicket through to the new footpath gates leading the FRBs back towards Pottersheath Stables. The FRBs just knew the Hares' fondness for this area but wisely the Hares had left no dust at all down there so Rapid Withdrawal only lingered a little while kindly leaving Zebedee and friends to look for the non-existent dust as the rest of the hash cut back into the Stables.
Limb Sprouting caught the pack having set off 20 minutes late he even caught Zing A Long that well known FRB. The Ankle Biters found the playground of Horse Jumps and practiced their climbing skills before we swiftly pounded along Pottersheath Road at the last short cut it was just Pussies & Gorjoyce who took it. A bit of a lark around Wych Elm Spinney brought the pack together for a sprint back to the pub. Only Double Entry & Custard I believe did the last loop.
At the Down Downs the Hash was fed, Custard had made a zillion cookies which disappeared like magic along with a huge batch of Lady P's cheese scones. The Fat Controller regaled us all with a song explaining his previous lack of wordz. The Hashit went to Zebedee and the FRB Award to Ringer. BOF received a 250 Run Award and Submissive a tankard for 50 Runs. White Rabbit pitched up for the apres complaining she had took ages to find the way into the pub - that must be a first for her.
Spotted Dick & Custard

Birthday Frau

Submissive soooo proud of 50 runs

250 run award for BOF