Bricklayers Arms, Potton

Run 1037

17 April 2011

The Bricklayers Arms, Potton

Hares: Shagpile & Karmen Suits Ja


Hares: Shagpile & virgin Karmen

A Semi visitor from MKH3

Fizzy keen as mustard at first...but the heat
takes its toll

Once-a twice-a Down-down

The sun shone not just on The Rightous but on H5 as well. Hash Mattress, Truly Scrumptious officiated and there being nothing of note, the On Off was called.

An early check led a lot of the pack towards the Sandy Heath, but twas to no avail. A falsie was called and Pongo (Thongo?) found the right trail. This looped back and into the estate past Carmen Suits Ja's abode. She had laid a beer stop here but fortunately for her, her neighbour had swept it up. Why fortunately I hear you ask? Well Carmen had no beer to give to the hash! Further instruction in haring needed for our Teutonic harriette. [Senior co-hare's task in my view Shagpile - Asst Ed.]

A bit of a long stretch had the pack strung out allowing a view and discussion of the old quarry workings. Mekon caught up with Fizzy who was already showing signs exhaustion. After a few words of encouragement, Fizzy was left to her own devices but decided to continue on. Zeberdee was off down a very long falsie, while Submissive went to check out the first of many false trails she loves to run. At this point a Hash Horn was heard to the rear, which was soon discovered to be a late Leroy joining with us.

Across the road and into Pegnut Wood led the trail. Now the trail snaked back and forth in a cunning effort to fool the pack. The reverse occurred; the pack were fools! Anyhow a short stretch of overgrown path cause a bit of moaning as bare legs were stung by the new and powerful nettles. Underlay became the Good Samaritan and carried Fizzy through.

Having run over most of the wood, the trail now led out into Potton town. A crafty back check fooled the FRBs but after some prompting, Double Entry discovered the real trail that led past The Brook where ducks and local youths gave the pack some verbal encouragement. I've heard that one of the mallards has a PhD but fear the youths cannot even manage a cycling proficiency badge.

By now the hour was nearly up, but the pack found themselves at the wrong end of town. Still, the sun still shone! A bit of a hack was needed to get back to near the pub and one final bar check allowed the pack to regroup, and as a result we just about finished together.

Down-Downs went to the Fat Controller and Kisses Anytime for staying in bed too long and arriving late, ditto Leroy although I'm not sure if he was in bed with them, Mekon for crap parking and car alarm noise, Twiza* for something-or-other and probably a few others I have forgotten already.

On On to Stockgrove Country Park for the Monday run.

Shagpile & Carmen Suits Ja
*Spelling authorised by RA .... but what of Kamen with a C?
[The 'R' got lost in transit, but Karmen is what is recorded in the annuls by The Count - Asst Ed]

Mekon: a graduate of the White Rabbit
school of 27-point turns

Submissive trails 1-4

Beware the sin of lateness