Run 1036

10 April 2011

The Anchor, Tilsworth

Hare: Forking Dickchair


Happy Birthday Atomic Titten

Sexy Thighs from Kuching

50 Run Tankard for Legs

500th Run demo of The Seal

Tilsworth is a beautiful olde village with the stocks on the green outside the Anchor. The day started with a happy birthday to Atomic Titten who got to wear the birthday hat.

Off the pack eventually went towards Blackgrove Woods, the scene of a ghoulish unsolved murder in 1821. An early FRB in the fields was Lady Pee [i do the jokes .. scribe] who was soon caught up by the pack. Jazzebedee, Shufflecock and Ringer were early victims of the many number checks.

Was that faint blurred image of a woman in red on the edge of the woods in the distance the ghost of the unknown female? It turned out to be Submissive and when seen later was better in tight turquoise [i do the stalking .. scribe].

At Stanbridge the route took to some high ground, through fields with cattle. Only yesterday in the same field sleeping co-hare Bangers encountered a mother fiercely protecting her calf, but once he got his sausage out the cow let him through [i do the double entendre .. scribe].

Other hazards were the village springs conveniently placed in the bottleneck gap of a gate. Ankle deep with best wet shiggy not everybody got their feet wet, Double Entry had a lift, but Lush Big Knickers had two rides with Rapid Withdrawal over the waters.

At circle up there were awards, not one to do things by half Kriszta was found to be a double virgin, the only known cure is that now she shall be known to the hash as Twiza*. One who has done it at least fifty times is Legs Eleven who earned her 50 run tankard.

Thongo has done it 500 times and now has the pictures to show it. His commemorative cake was appreciated by everyone.

A very warm welcome to Sexy Thighs who hot legged it from Kuching. Her own 500 run jug had a handle to die for, and we hope to see more of her soon. Leroy stumped up his £30 for Go-Ape so with only two places left to fill let Forking know asap [i do the adverts .. scribe].

On on to the Bricklayers Arms,

Forking Dickchair

* Spelling authorised by RA

Mixed message at the held check

Cows like Bangers' sausage

Callipygous judges are impressed by Atomic

Twiza* is named by increasingly camp RA

Submissive returns from false trail

Submissive returns from false trail

Submissive returns from false trail (etc.)

more surprising Lady P is FRB