Run 1035

3 April 2011

The Plume of Feathers, Ickleford

Hare: Private Parts


Skippy up front living up to her name

Skippy on hand as GM tries it on with SAS

Skippy pretends not to look as GM gets ready for action with Pussies

Another Sunday, and another run from Team RA, but one has to ask - what is it about H5 that turns quiet, shy young ladies into dangerous hooligans? Last week Rapid Withdrawal was brutally attacked with his own flour by the once timid Double Entry; this week the pack witnessed Skippy become an FRB, attempt to save a damsel in distress (Submissive) from the curious clutches of Forking Dickchair - before returning to her shell and hiding in an attempt to avoid being given the hashit. Karmen Suits Ja was also observed frightening the locals with her vorsprung reversing technique...

It being mothers day Captain Fantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaastic, GM and general flirt, invited all the mothers into the circle. The mothers, fresh from providing the inspiration for the name of a local bakery, were presented with flowers, hugs and kisses. HashMiss, Scrummy, was so determined to prove that she was a mother that she had dragged SAS out of bed on a Sunday morning for the first time in... well, a very long time! Newees were identified as visitors from H4, and Shufflecock was an early FRB as he found the route out towards the river.

The trail was the usual combination of ladies-, numbers- and held checks - albeit somewhat shorter and drier than my previous effort! Knobber was observed running to the back on several number checks even though the allotted number had already gone. Capt F was the first to sight the on-inn, although the rest of the pack were observed returning to the pub from all directions. This may be because they didn't see the arrows, or perhaps Pussies, Gorjoyce and Pongo appeared from the churchyard after a quick sampling of the communion wine.

The circle was the usual raucous (well, compared to a WI tea party) affair - the GM took advice from SAS on the wearing of trousers, and also lost his tankard (I hope it was that way round). Pongo was lost for words about the run, and the Pub generously provided a pair of nice jugs of Ale for free - which were distributed by Shuffle and Forking with dubious reasoning.

OnOn to Hitchin (for the ladies night), and Tilsworth...


Pussies shows off those nice jugs

Skippy restrained as she tries to save Submissive from the RA's worst

Skippy's bin left out

Skippy rides the well-deserved Hashit