Run 1034

27 March 2011

The Queen's Head, Tebworth

Hares: Forking & Rapid


Shortcutters in a tangle

H5 invade Wingfield

600 Run Award for Capt F

It is with a heavy heart that this weeks words open with the sad news that one of our number is with us no more. Max, a faithful and true companion to Submissive has passed away. May he rest in doggy heaven. Submissive and Lost Cause both put on a brave face to turn up at run number 1034.

It was commendable that so many hashers had managed to spring forward both their body clocks and timepieces to arrive on the day the clocks changed. The co-hare, Rapid Withdrawal was still having a bad hair day after a close encounter with a bag of flour. As his hair was caked in flour Double Entry was promptly caped in the little hash black gown.

The trail started with a quick lap of Tebworth village before hitting the surrounding countryside. Airscrew was still running a bit behind schedule as a late arrival, but soon caught the hash. Depth Charge was out in front, inspired by his brand new '11' reg motor.

Over hills and fields the trail crossed through Wingfield and past the Plough Inn. No time for a pub stop when there is a field of sheep to negotiate. Madge was on a short lead but soon off once we started to cross the ploughed field whilst avoiding the tractor that was shuttling back and forth spraying.

The sky was blue and the sun was shining and before you knew it it was On Inn back to the Queens Head where a great deal of awards and down downs were handed out.

First out of the bag was Captain Fantaaastic who received his 600 run award of a red dress and bared all for the harriets. Hugs all round for Pussies, Nik Nak, Lush, Kriszta, Lady Pee, Carmen and Atomic Titten who took the GM to their collective bosom. Double Entry was in the Circle for many offences but celebrated her hundredth photo opportunity by posing in her new outfit, a purple/navy sweatshirt [with the fashionable addition of specks of white].

Flour was tossed in the circle, with Frau Krafty Rot emerging more like Cruella de Ville. At the pub the landlord, a cracking gent quick to change the empty barrel, also laid on a spread of sausages, chilli con carne and chips, specially enjoyed by Zebeddee, Count Roadkill and Forkin’.

As a parting shot, I quote from Thongo who had a quick exchange with a local after she shouted at us in the manner Prince Philip would address a census verification officer: "You are all blithering Idiots".
[not all locals were so anti: one gent confided to us that his wife had done 500 runs in Malaysia before he brought her to a land too cold to hash in]

On on to the Plume of Feathers


Enough to turn an RA white .. or cruel ..

.. or even Cruella

100 Run Award for DE


A few days after bounding along with us on 1033, Max was suddenly called to Doggy Heaven.
With more than 40 runs under his collar, he was a real Hash Mutt: no trouble for hashers, other critters or civilians, always eager to keep Submissive on her toes with an evacuation, and never willing to be left out of the pub or the circle.
A rescue dog of undetermined years, Max will of course be missed by Submissive, from whom he seemed to be inseparable (and who's going to drag her up those hills?), and by Lost Cause.
And by all of us at H5: it will be a long time before we can see Submissive without expecting to see Max in tow.